The A function generator and all associated options will be The Keysight Technologies A func- . Operating manual, service manual, quick. Service Guide. Publication Number (order as manual set) The Agilent Technologies A is a 20 MHz synthesized function. Buy Keysight Technologies A Function Generator 20MHz GPIB, LAN, USB A. Operating manual, service manual, quick reference guide, IntuiLink.

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Page Index amplitude limitations 56 period modulating frequency frequency limitations 56 burst mode modulating source 88, modulation modes allowed front-panel selection 17 modulating waveform 87 pulse period limitations pulse waveform 70 modulation 85 output impedance period, pulse modulation waveshape affect on amplitude 33220 selects the lowest frequency allowed for the selected 333220a and MAX selects the highest frequency allowed.

Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Frequency Sweep Marker Frequency If desired, you can set the frequency at which the signal on the front- panel Sync connector goes to a logic low during the sweep.

This is the frequency at which the signal on the front-panel Sync connector goes to a logic low during the sweep. Index FREQuency command center frequencyfront-panel operation 38 FUNCtion command external trigger source FSK rate 39, 91 modulating frequency 82, frequency spanhop frequency 38, 91, modulating source 84, front-panel operation 40, 42 modulating source 92, modulating waveform 82 linear vs.

UNIT command on page for more information.

3322a Page 67 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Output Configuration Voltage Autoranging Autoranging is enabled by default and the function generator automatically selects the optimal settings for the output amplifier and attenuators. Page This connector accepts TTL-compatible levels and is referenced to chassis ground not floating ground.

The following steps show you how to change the kanual to 50 mVrms. Select the source of the modulating signal. PM is very similar to FM, but in PM the phase of the modulated waveform is varied by the instantaneous voltage of the modulating waveform.


A Service Manual – A Waveform Generator from Agilent/Keysight

The default is VPP. Chapter 3 Features and Functions Calibration Overview To Unsecure for Calibration You can unsecure the function generator 33220z from the front panel or over the remote interface. This generic message indicates that the desired edge time is limited to an upper or lower boundary which is dictated by the instrument hardware. Page Index affect on amplitude 63 PM 85 load termination 35 PWM 93 offset affect on amplitude 63 tutorial description amplitude limitations maunal,local language, help 28 modulation depth AM 77,local operation LAN modulation depth, percent modulation arb waveform limitations 61, logarithmic sweep If you specify a low level that is greater than the existing high level, the function generator will automatically set the high level to be 1 mV greater than the low level.

Calibration Overview This section gives a brief introduction to the calibration features of the function generator.

A query of this register returns a decimal value amnual corresponds to the binary- weighted sum of all bits set in the register. See chapter 5 for a manuwl listing of the errors. To set the output frequency, press the Freq softkey for the selected function.


Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Triggering External Triggering In the external trigger mode, the function generator will accept a hardware trigger applied to the rear-panel Trig In connector. Use the knob and cursor keys to modify the displayed number.

Page 78 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Amplitude Modulation AM Modulation Depth The modulation depth is expressed as a percentage and represents the extent of the amplitude variation. OFFS commands to configure the carrier waveform.

The default is POS rising edge. You can delete the waveform in volatile memory or any of the four user-defined waveforms in non-volatile memory.

33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz

Specifications are subject to change without notice. The interface will self configure.

You can also select an infinite burst count. Index Index If you have questions relating mznual the operation of the Agilent A, call in the United States, or contact your nearest Agilent Technologies Office.


Agilent Technologies 33220A User Manual

The default is Linear. Enter text from picture: In FM, the frequency of the manial is varied by the instantaneous voltage of the modulating waveform. This information is not directly related to waveform generation but is an important part of operating the function generator. Chapter 3 Features and Functions System-Related Operations Beeper Control Normally, the function generator will emit a tone when an error is generated from the front-panel or over the remote interface.

Page Chapter msnual Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; FSK turned off by selection of other mode or modulation The function generator will allow only one modulation, sweep, or burst mode to be enabled at the same time.

332200a connector accepts TTL-compatible levels and is referenced to chassis ground not floating ground. In AM, the amplitude of the carrier is varied by the instantaneous voltage of the modulating waveform. For pulse waveform generation, clock cycles are counted to derive mnual the period and the pulse width.

When enabled, a TTL-compatible square waveform with either a rising edge default or falling edge is output from the rear-panel Trig Out connector at the beginning of mznual sweep or burst.

As shown in the simplified block diagram below, the output of the waveform DAC goes through an anti- aliasing filter. Instead, the function generator sets the output frequency based on either a linear or logarithmic function.

Page Index softkey labels 4 questionable data register trigger output software bus trigger,register diagram trigger source standard event register sweeps software revision status byte register Sync signal software, connectivity 15 status system symmetry 65 sound beeper