A Shayna Maidel (A Lovely Girl) is the story of one such family, a Polish Jewish family that was torn in half by the Nazis. It focuses on two sisters. A SHAYNA MAIDELPlay by Barbara Lebow, Source for information on A Shayna Maidel: Reference Guide to Holocaust Literature dictionary. A Shayna Maidel is almost necessarily compelling, given the awful antinomy at its core: this sister raised in plenty, that sister caught up in.

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How do we love people through their trauma? Daily Herald – Recommended. Only Lusia and Duvid survive the ordeal, and Lusia, grieving for her mother, baby, and best friend, arrives in New York to live with the relatives who left Poland before the war and to attempt to track down Duvid, whom she believes is alive and looking for her.

And Lusia—haunted by vivid memories of her past—struggles to connect with a family she barely knows.


But Lebow also wants to make the pain go away. When the two sisters reunite in New York City many years later, Rose is confronted by an older sister who, having survived the horrors of war overseas, now seems nothing more than a stranger. Stage and Cinema – Recommended.

As the audience later discovers, Lusia is also angry at Mordechai because just before the war started he had turned down an opportunity naidel bring his wife and Lusia to New York: How do you build sisterhood? You might be watching a story about a trio of Jewish immigrants in New York inwith all the attendant themes of pride and assimilation, honoring the past and moving forward to the present, but you cannot help but think of the common problems faced by all immigrants, all refugees.


Maidle the Spider-Verse Spider-Man: OR Search by date:. Although she is not ashamed of shyana Jewish, she has distanced herself from her past in Poland and her Jewish heritage; she does not even keep kosher, which disturbs Mordechai. This was an excellent play, and I laud TimeLine for selecting it as one of its shows.

Opening Night for this fresh take on a classic, the first production of our Season. Snippets of lullabies and screams, thundering hooves, shattered maiel, laughter that sounds eerily like weeping create an audio scrim. Watch the full segment. Chicago Tribune – Highly Recommended.

Stalling brings to theatergoers: Theatre In San Francisco. Furthermore, Rose learns much about her family, which allows her to forge a closer relationship with her sister. A Shayna Maidel is almost necessarily compelling, given the awful antinomy at its core: Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for shsyna reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

Vanessa Stalling’s often satisfying staging for TimeLine Theatre doesn’t square this circle—and probably can’t. When Lusia and Rose are finally reunited inLusia is alone and has a death-camp number tattooed on her forearm.


‘A Shayna Maidel’ at TimeLine is a sister story with surprising power – Chicago Tribune

Glad we saw it! In one extraordinary scene, Mordechai and Lusia methodically compare notes—literal entries in pocket journals they keep—on the many dead and missing among their relatives and friends.

But equally persistent is our dogged human nature: Chicago Reader – Somewhat Recommended.

So much so that she gives her drama an unearned happy ending that depends, first, on a miraculous homecoming and, second, on a lightning-fast change of heart.

Photo by Lara Goetsch. Third Coast Review – Highly Recommended.

More by Tony Adler. Theatre In San Diego. Rose’s older sister, Lusia, has scarlet fever shaynaa can’t travel, so she stays back with Mama.

This was an outstanding production. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. And Lusia-haunted by vivid memories of her past-struggles to connect with a family she’s never known and to believe in the potential of life in a new land.

Maide Sharon Johnson The Fourth Walsh – Highly Recommended.