AChartEngine in Android shows an Expense Line Chart and Income-Expense bar chart. Learn how to create line chart and bar chart using AChartEngine Natural Language Processing Tutorial Part 1 | NLP Training Videos. Android AChartEngine Library is a free library which can be used to display graphs/charts on any Android OS based devices. AChartEngine. AChartEngine is a charting library for Android applications. here: http://www.

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Is that possible with aChartEngine? Therefore make sure you add achartengien in your Android Manifest:. We need to create a xyMultipleSeriesDataset object to hold series. These values will add into the XYSeries object.

Now to start plotting the graph all we have to do is include the tjtorial. With other contents i. As this tutorial is an introduction to Android AChartEngine I am only going to show how to create an independent class and display bar charts. About Mohit Gupt An android enthusiast, and an iPhone user with a keen interest in development of innovative applications.

We need tktorial initialize the String Array globally to display the X-axis labels in the chart. SimpleSeriesRenderer ; import org. First of all, Thankyou for a valuable tutorial. This could be downloaded from here:.

Finally, call the drawChart method in your onCreate method. Color turorial import android. As I said earlier all business applications are required to display some amount of graphical data, steps in Android AChartEngine Library.


This will solve your issue. This a highly stable release which can display thousands of values in a single graph, while maintaining the smoothness in interaction with graph. An android enthusiast, and an iPhone user with a keen interest in development of innovative applications.

Get the best of Android plus exclusive deals and freebies in your inbox! No need to achartenginf a layout. The part I liked about Android Tutlrial library is that it creates beautiful smooth scrolling charts. Notify me of new posts by email. ArrayList ; import java. Activity ; import android. Run your app, you can see the Line Chat. Align ; import android. If do you want show graph in a view of an activity, you can use the method: Can you tell me, is it possible, to make this bars horizontal and lables for them in the left side?

Hi, How to change the color of bar dynamically. If you want to customize the series, create a XYSeriesRenderer object for each series separately. I am tottaly new to android What i have to write in xml file can u post ur xml and menu.

We need to create integer tutoeial array to store X-values, Y-values. AChartEngine supports many chart types like: This tutorial concludes my series on displaying charts on Android.


Drawing Chart easily with AchartEngine in Android – Learn Programming Together

Thanks, achartengine is the best free chart library. Your email address will not be published.

And even better- it could be customized to look like whatever you want it to look like. One of the most intriguing feature of Android AChartEngine is acharrtengine it can combine tutrial these charts into a single chart and can use multiple data series. Create a Line Chart view and add it into LinearLayout. In my case I need to show two fragments, the top one is the fragment with a pie graph, the bottom a fragment with a list view for the details.

Android Tutorial- Drawing AChartEngine Bar Chart with Example

As AChartEngine is opened up in a separate activity. I couldnot find it in the above source code. Creating a new project. Now, we need to create a XYMultipleSeriesRenderer object to adding the renderers to multipleRenderer and customize the whole chart. Adding library in Project. CategorySeries ; import org. Create a method to Draw Line Chart.

Can the chart be displayed in a Fragment? ChartFactory ; import org.