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If all else goes in the tub, again do as the Indians did — make your nurs- ing retreat somewhere within working distance of a large bed of cattails. Your dealer can demonstrate how this is done. No holidays or weekends allowed. A temporary shade structure was erected out of tarp, under which patients mostly stayed.

But let’s let past experience be a bemson to what we currently might wish to keep on hand. Survival nurses can use it to settle stomachs irritated by harsh drugs such as tetracycline. She sweeps these harvest accidents into burlap bags that she takes to the retreat. They are a bit heavy and filling but certainly edible.

Acquiring New Id by Benson, Ragnar

Common charcoal briquettes arc another easily stored, practical source of energy for sitr viva! You just never know with certainty how the media will present an incident or how fellow citizens or gov- ernment agencies will react to the discovery of your survival nursing station.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Freezing Freezing is almost always the easiest, quickest way to put up food. Because of filthy living conditions in the nearby village, she sometimes keeps burn and accident victims at her station an extra day or two until their wounds have a chance to close A survival nursing station in deep Africa. If not, taking up germ-harboring carpet or tearing down dank cloth draperies may be wise. Jugs of this and that, including disinfectants, are stored in sealed plastic buckets, as is our medical hardware.


These devices are easy and quick to build, but they require a bit of not always intuitive maintenance, especially if the source water is slimy. Most dirt inside a tent, even those with adequate ground Doctors tend not to like them because of sun it tit ion mid space limitations, but tents can make for a quick, cheap, and easy survival nursing shelter.

Often these sources of water are small, not enough to be of much practical value unless collected into a holding area.

Ragnar Benson

Yet again, I am only providing an overview of food preservation here, but it will be enough to get any survival nurse started. Action careers Ragnar Benson. Hand grenades, danc- ing, and McDonalds’ hamburger joints come to mind as excel- lent examples. Is it acquriing to settle, filter, and treat wash water that will be brought near boiling anyway?

Not all methods work for every product, but knowing how to do one or two of these will always add shelf life to your stores. Pigeons and rabbits are still my favorite survival critters.

Soak for 12 hours in a solution of about 2 cups of salt per gallon of bdnson.

Ragnar Benson – Wikipedia

Use earlier, light-colored leaves and peel the roots to reduce bitterness. They are really only practical to about 30 feet, or five 6-foot sections of well pipe.


I once tried to fuel a small steam engine with wheat straw. Cost savings at the supermarket will be considerable, and the experience you will gain under normal conditions will be invaluable under survival conditions.

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Anything still damp will quickly dry upon exposure to fresh acquiriing. She claims to catch innumerable pheasants and even the occasional wild turkey and goose with this little time-saving device.

Dip sliced vegetables in a solution of 3 liquid ounces of bleach per gallon of water, place on drying racks, and, like anything else to be dried, move air gently through the food.

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly mew of date. They come in year round for a meal, and mature crit- ters are harvested as needed. Energy scrounging or production is generally done on a seasonal basis.

Survival nurses, on the other hand, must do their best to provide all of these things too, but under monumentally acqhiring conditions. Half a tire pretty much took the chill off crackling cold spring water. Not only must survival nurses do it all, their situation is made even more desperate by the fact that their idd are often given less than ideal initial treatment and that appropri- ate medications and supplies are often scarce or totally unavailable.