A step-by-step guide to an arbitration at the Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC) under the Rules. Free Practical Law trial. The new Rules — which are effective from 20 October and will apply to all ADCCAC arbitrations from 20 October , regardless of. table shows, the ADCCAC Rules now have more features in common with ADCCAC’s previous arbitration rules, which had been in.

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Free trials are only available to individuals based in rulse UK. All this, and much more, in our monthly highlights. No doubt, taking these improvements together, they amount to more than a mere evolution of the former ADCCAC Regulations and may arguably have revolutionary potential: Your email address will not be published.

It adccaf the advantages and disadvantages of using the UAE or the DIFC as a seat of arbitration, including issues relating to applicable law, formalities, interim measures, confidentiality, costs, and ratification of local and foreign awards. Please edit your entry and try again.

ADCCAC arbitration (2013 Rules): a step-by-step guide

As regards the language of the arbitration, in the event that there is disagreement between the tribunal members on the choice of language, the new Rules cryptically provide for the arbitration to be conducted in the Arabic language even if none of the rulds speaks Arabic. It is, of course, difficult to deny that the new Rules are a huge improvement on the old ADCCAC Regulations, as they were called in their now outdated form.

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It is to be hoped that the semantic and procedural shortcomings discussed above will not affect the practice of arbitration under the new Dules. It is to be hoped that modern practitioners under the Rules will interpret this Article to mean ordinary hearings within the meaning given to them in international arbitration practice.

It covers when the award must be issued and challenges to the award for errors, failing to deal with a claim and ambiguity. ruls

We also highlight analysis of key decisions of the English and Welsh court on issue estoppel in arbitration Emiratesserious irregularity challenges Maassapplications for determination of preliminary points of law Turner Estate and confidentiality Webbas well as analysis of many developments in the fields of international commercial and investment treaty arbitration, with expert views from leading practitioners, including Yas Banifatemi, Karel Daele, Xavier Nyssen and Jonathan Choo.

This wording places an unwarranted restriction on the scope ratione materiae of the Model Arbitration Clause and hence of arbitrations under that Model Arbitration Clause more specifically.

ADGM said its arbitration centre will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and hearing facilities, which will be available to all parties seeking to resolve their disputes through arbitration or mediation. To make sure you do not miss out on regular updates from the Kluwer Arbitration Blog, please subscribe here.

Essentially, the old Regulations have been entirely re-written, the title of the new Regulations being ruled only reminiscence of their outdated predecessor. This may cause some unforeseen procedural difficulties and possibly discriminate against non-Arabic speakers in the future appointment as rulez in ADCCAC arbitrations.


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You have not selected a document. An email address must include at least one letter or number before and after the ‘at’ sign and must end in co. This being said, given their procedural detail, there would in any event seem to be little sense in the parallel application of the new ADCCAC Regulations and another set of institutional or other rules in one and the same arbitration proceeding. The centre will also provide in-class training in dispute resolution services.

ADCCAC arbitration ( Rules): a step-by-step guide | Practical Law

Such example clauses are also called: Sorry, you have reached the maximum documents that you can select; please select 50 documents or less. Gules this, and more, in our monthly highlights. Your document is being created. Unfortunately, you have reached the maximum number of items allowed. It also sets out the ADCCAC requirements of neutrality and impartiality and the procedure for challenging an arbitrator.

Sign up now not now. This being said, there are some disappointing semantic inconsistencies and adccsc shortcomings in the new set of Rules, which — given the time the new Rules have taken to gestate and the expertise that should have and no doubt will have been invested into their re-drafting — are almost unforgivable.