Web-based quizzes on German adjective endings and declination. Explanation of German adjective endings and declination. Adjektivendungen – Gezeigt wird ein sicheres System, um die richtige German. English. Sie hat eine nette Schwester. Deutsches Brot schmeckt sehr gut.

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In particular, if you are writing a sentence with an ein-word followed by an adjective, you can know you are making a mistake if you are giving them both adjektivenvungen -er, -es or -em ending: Other words which have the same function adjeltivendungen articles. There are a few special cases: A plural form of “ein” doesn’t exist.

A way to cheat. When this case-ending is not used by the accompanying word, it has to be used by the adjective. The tall woman is wearing a hat. Adjektivendungen theory, 4 pages.

Exercise 2 Die Adjektivdeklination I(easy) – Learn German online

What does this mean exactly? Ich sehe einen klein en Mann.

When you’ve found the correct answer, check the feedback box for an explanation of the meaning of the expression. There are 15 items, adjektivenudngen keep clicking on “weiter” when you finish a page.

There is a determiner present here: Strong Endings No “Determiner” Present. Viel and wenig take no adjective endings in the singular when they are not preceded by a determiner which they usually aren’t: Besides the “normal” articles there are some words which have the same function as “normal” articles. A nice man is sitting in the cafe. All attributive adjectives — that is, adjectives that precede a noun which they modify — MUST show declension, i. The ending is adjektivendunfen. Quandary Mazes Step by step practice [coming eventually].


Examples of predicate adjectives: Da ist der klein e Mann. Some deutwch get an additional ending as well.

I see the new professor. If you look for indefinite article, singular, male, nominative you find the ending “er”.

They require you to put the correct ending at the end of the adjective as well. Deutsch es Brot schmeckt sehr gut.

German adjective endings – Learn German Smarter

Now let’s have a look at the table for definite articles. German adjective endings with the definite article der, die, das ….

Learn German with a German family. Anna Stefanou from Neustadt, Germany, developed an excellent overview and allowed me to present it to you on my website. Da ist ein klein er Mann. Learn why this pot will help you with this.

But who can memorize this?

When you UNDERSTAND how German adjective endings work, you only need to learn ONE TABLE!

Adjective endings are usually the least favorite part of learning German, from both the students’ and the teacher’s viewpoints. History of Berlin Fill in admektivendungen adjective endings in a series of statements about the history of Berlin. In addition, abstractions such as “the good” or “the new” can be formed from adjectives. Nobody is able to memorize this and to learn the Adjektivendugnen adjective endings this way.


These will be neuter, and often follow words like nichtsetwas and wenigafter which they take the ending -es nichts Neu esetwas Gut esor the word alleswhich acts as a determiner, so that after it they take the ending -e Alles Gut e!

Many textbooks try to totally avoid any tables and treat the adjective and several accompanying words only incidentally, in the hope that the students practice and learn the rules of the German adjective endings more or less unconsciously.