(SUPPLIED) Ajman Bank on Sunday announced the opening of its public prospectus are available at the following banks: Abu Dhabi Islamic. together “Joint IPO Coordinators”) are acting exclusively for the Company and .. National Islamic Finance, Ajman Bank and Abu Dhabi Islamic. Limited (the Issuer) and Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC (DIB) that (i) you have of the UAE, namely Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and .. In May , BoK issued new shares by way of an IPO in Sudan, the UAE, the.

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The issuer’s capital after the conversion must not be less than AED30 million. It contains all the information related to the market and relevant legislation.

Fuelling ambition: Five things we’ve learned from ADNOC Distribution’s prospectus

Further, DIB will irrevocably and unconditionally consent to the giving of any relief or the issue of any legal proceedings, including, without limitation, jurisdiction, enforcement, 42 prejudgment proceedings and injunctions in connection with any legal proceedings See Condition None of the Trustee, DIB, the Joint Lead Managers, nor any of their directors, affiliates, advisers, agents, the Delegate or the Paying Agents represents that this 3 Prospectus may be lawfully distributedor that Certificates may be lawfully offered, in compliance with any applicable registration or other requirements in any such jurisdiction, or pursuant to an exemption available thereunder, or assumes any responsibility for facilitating any such distribution or offering.

It has adequate systems and controls to eliminate or manage material conflicts of interest in its business on an ongoing basis, at all times. The payment of a commission to the underwriter. DIB attempts to control credit risk by implementing a credit risk strategy, monitoring credit exposures in particular, in relation to those counterparties falling within higher risk rating bandslimiting transactions with specific counterparties and continually assessing the creditworthiness of counterparties.

The notice is normally referred to as an “intention to float” on this market. Generally, neither income tax nor corporate tax are levied in the UAE on issuing or listing equity securities. The payment obligations of DIB under the Mudaraba Agreement are subordinated and unsecured obligations Prospective investors should note that the payment obligations of DIB under the Mudaraba Agreement are subordinated to the claims of the Senior Creditors as defined in the Conditions and rank pari passu to the Pari Passu Obligations, as more particularly described in Condition 4.

Details relating to sale or acquisition of major assets. Any redemption of the Certificates is subject to the conditions described in Condition There is an application for listing on one of the exchanges. Market risk Market risk arises from changes in market rates such as profit rates, foreign exchange rates and ORS A1.


A rights issue is a financial instrument that is legally granted to the company’s shareholders to have priority to subscribe for the company’s newly-issued shares that represent the capital increase. Real estate exposure Real estate exposure risk is the credit risk associated with providing financing to customers for the purpose of acquiring real estate, either for their own use or for investment, as well as where financing to the client is secured by real estate as collateral.

DIB will, when appropriate, insure itself against operational risks. He said the new bank will introduce a new range of products, including mortgage finance products.

DIB is obliged to make certain payments under the Transaction Documents directly to or to the order of the Trustee. The transaction value was USD million, plus deferred payment. The total Tier 1 capital requirement will increase from 4 per cent.

Orders to cease and desist a particular action or to take a particular action. Accordingly, investors should exercise particular care in evaluating the risks involved and must decide for themselves whether, in light of those risks, their investment is appropriate. What are the main ways of structuring an IPO?

Ajman Bank will be the first Islamic bank in Ajman – Le Journal RIBH

It helps develop the public perception of the company and deals with the media. You acknowledge that this electronic transmission and the delivery of the attached document is confidential and intended only for you and you agree you will not reproduce or publish this electronic transmission or forward the attached document to any other person.

The issuer submits a near final draft of the prospectus and the draft documents to the DFSA for discussions. Potential investors should note that payment of all amounts by DIB under the Mudaraba Agreement and consequently, the corresponding payments by the Trustee under the Conditions are conditional upon: The restrictions on commencing proceedings described below will not apply to any such claim.

Offers made to not more than 50 offerees in any month period. The Certificates have not been, and will not be, offered, sold or delivered at any time, directly or indirectly, in prosppectus State of Qatar, including the Qatar Financial Centre, in a manner that would constitute a public offering.

They will not regard any other person whether or not a recipient of the attached document as their client in relation to the offer and will not be ajmxn to anyone other than DIB and the Trustee for providing the protections afforded to its clients nor for giving advice in relation to the offer or any transaction or arrangement referred to herein.

A resolution is passed to dissolve and liquidate the issuer. A holder of an ownership interest in the Global Certificate must rely on the procedures of the relevant clearing system and its participants to receive payments under the Certificates. A revised version was subsequently published in June Fines of an amount that the DFSA considers appropriate.


No investigation or enquiry will be made and no due diligence will be conducted in respect of any Mudaraba Assets. While the Certificates are represented by the Global Certificate, the Trustee will discharge its payment obligation under the Certificates by making payments through the relevant clearing systems.

The platform enables the listing of a diverse range of asset classes beyond shares, such prospects derivatives, exchange-traded funds ETFsreal estate investment trusts REITsbonds and Lrospectus.

Potential investors should consider reinvestment risk in light of other investments available at that time. Taxation risks on payments Payments made by DIB to prowpectus Trustee under the Transaction Documents or by the Trustee in respect of the Certificates could become subject to taxation. Each potential investor in Certificates must determine the suitability of its investment in light of its own circumstances. Ownership of prospectuw Trustee The authorised share capital of the Trustee is U.

The Dissolution Distribution Amount and each Periodic Distribution Amount will be paid to the holder shown on the Register at the close of business on the relevant Record Date. Trustee Covenants The Trustee has agreed to certain restrictive covenants as set out in Condition 6 Covenants.

The Certificates will not be aj,an by any rating organisation upon their issue. Such a meeting may be convened by Certificateholders holding not less than 10 per cent. What are the main steps for a company applying for a primary listing of its shares?

Equity capital markets in United Arab Emirates: regulatory overview | Practical Law

Withholding Tax Subject to Condition 9. It is worth noting that private joint stock companies are not permitted to conduct offerings, although the listing of existing shares is allowed. Mutilated or defaced Certificates must be surrendered before replacements will be issued.

CPM or monthly rates available. Subsequent equity offerings will usually be made through a rights issue. The ADX accepts international listings on a dual listing basis, but not on a primary listing basis https: Names of the participants in the offering.

Recipients of the attached document who intend to subscribe for or purchase any securities to be issued are reminded that any subscription or purchase may only be made on the basis of the information contained in the final version of the attached document.

In this Condition 9.