F: Mr. Mosséri, how old are you and for how long have you been practicing natural hygiene? M: Soon I’ll be 80 years old, and I’ve been interested in natural. My first mentor Albert Mosseri used to say that it’s the most important one. Is it emotions? Is it meditation? Is it food combining? None of the above. This principle. Fasting: Nature’s Best Remedy [Albert Mosseri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Albert Mosseri’s follow up book is the most complete book.

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Every day you watch; listen, and hope. I then remained in bed on a water diet, for 17 days, with violent pains in the intestine and stabbing pains in the kidneys.

I was suffering terribly and no longer knew what to do to treat myself. This traumatised me, and was one of the principal causes of my subsequent schizophrenia.

But what can your doctor do once the oestrogen has been taken? Also she had, on her own, cut her protein to a very low level and I had to encourage her to eat more. But when the troubles begin it is usually too late. X-rays showed 6 spur bones in my feet that gave me a lot of misery. By analogy, I deduced that it must be the same thing in the colon: I dreamed of aspirin because previously it had been my emergency support.

Following this period I worked again, after a fashion, but I was very frail. When a high temperature layed him low he called an emergency doctor.

Hygienic Institutions, according to physicians and the AMA, are a menace to humankind. I feel sure their records will also have disappeared.

Everything is explained in detail. I have had many do this, only to realise later what a mistake they made. Thus, when these mosweri of the slowing of elimination appear, elimination must be relaunched by breaking the fast and replenishing the body with nutrients in the form of raw, natural foods: I also began to sleep better than I had in a long time.


These amounts should not be increased, otherwise digestion will take the energy needed mosseru elimination and bring elimination to a halt.

I alternated between weakness and a semblance of strength. This total rest is a beneficial part of fasting and an important one. I wondered if this case was an exception, or if it could be imitated as many times as possible with other fasting patients. However, seeing a lifeless child is frightening and there is that strong urge to do something, just anything, to see a sign of life.

Health – Article – The Half-Fast

The celery is acceptable, as are the citrus fruits and the grapes. They must be sought out and eliminated, and then, if possible, undergo a fasting cure, by skipping a meal, or a day, or several. The colon is even less absorptive than the the small intestine — it is not designed for this function. I had a carbuncle and a dose of flu and fasted for 10 days to get over these. Activity produces waste and regular excretion is provided for and carried out.

I am now calm and can face life with ease.

Albert Mosséri

They prevent all natural relaxation as distinct from artificial relaxation practised by yogis. Seeing the quality of my skin, my complexion and my renewed vitality they are beginning to show an albrrt in what I have done and accept it a little better.

We can even say it is ultra fast, for there are no other means. As for the authentic reports and medical records you request; they may be difficult to get. As for the food quantities, with a lot of trial and error, I arrived at the actual rations, more or less according to the height of the person. This program features exactly what to eat, day by day, based on seasonal ingredients no mangoes in January!


He prescribed valium, which made them disappear after only 2 days. That night I had a strange dream. Finally, one day, I came josseri a small ad entitled: I was also questioned.

He treated me as an idiot and reproached me for having left my job. With this letter Iwanted to share myhappiness with you. They are even capable of taking a little poison which will help them not to feel their pain. As for me, I think I am doing better. It was a lady calling about her three-year old child. I still needed to lose a little more weight, and a lot of symptoms at the same time.

Faeces are still fluid when they first pass the ileoceacal valve, that is, when they go from the albbert intestine to the large intestine. The drugs themselves are poisonous and only add to the load that the body has alberg eliminate.

Suddenly, of course, my relationship with others as regards food, totally changed. I needed this moral support and security to allow things to take their course.

When I used to eat a variety of nuts and other abominations I once had a slight temperature. Mossdri the fast is pursued at this stagnant stage, weight hardly falls and elimination barely proceeds because the body does not have enough vitamins and enzymes for it.

How wonderful to know that one does not have to be albeet The “Gradual” Fast progressive fasting. Mosseri who received me at his home the following day.