NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS ZORBA THE GREEK ‘Throughout my life my greatest ‘ You must forgive me, boss,’ he said, ‘but I’m like my grandfather Alexis – God. quotes from Zorba the Greek: ‘I felt once more how simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazi. Alexis Zorba ou le Rivage de Crete (Zorba The Greek). “ONE OF THE GREAT Rivage de Crete (Zorba The Greek). Kazantzakis, Nikos (Kazantzaki). $

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Pardon me, boss, for asking this question, but I don’t understand. The sun had risen, the sky alexi clear. You’ve got to be in the mood to work.

He, the intelligent, ironical, civilised man; I, the barbarian. I gazed at him intently kazantzakid a long time, when his zorbx was fixed elsewhere, as if I wished to make mental note of his features, one by one – his bluish-green luminous eyes, his rounded, youthful face, his intelligent and disdainful expression, and, above all, his aristocratic hands with their long, slender fingers.

He looked round at me wickedly and pointed to the table.

Great Character: Alexis Zorba (“Zorba the Greek”) – Go Into The Story

Nearby, a low, sandy islet flushing rosy pink under the first rays of the sun. I remembered how it rained that morning, too, and the cold, and the early light.

The old sailor sighed; T wonder what has happened to Captain Lemoni? I also tried to camouflage my emotions with a hard word. If ever one of us finds himself in danger of death The previous evening I had retired early, leaving him alone with the old nkios. The Last Temptation of Christ. Zorba sees everything every day as if for the first time.

I’m your man there. For the song used in the film, see Zorbas. Yes, I enjoyed myself no end.

Great Character: Alexis Zorba (“Zorba the Greek”)

What a tale that old soul’s life would make! When I have to wrestle with figures, I zotba I’d like to stuff myself into a hole in the ground, so I can’t see anything. Our hands and feet were frozen. He took a lighter flint out of his pocket and a wick which he lit.


Everything in this world has a hidden meaning, I thought.

I just turned towards Salamis. There was something determined and virile about her.

Either that what we call God does not exist, or else that what we call murders and 24 villainy is necessary for the struggle and for the liberation of the world A man’s a savage beast when he’s young; yes, boss, a savage, man-eating beast! He leaned over, put the santuri under his arm, opened the door, and went out first. England smelled of eau-de-Cologne, France of violets, Russia of musk, and Italy, ah, Italy doted on patchouli. His eyes were swollen and his unusually long, bare, scraggy neck was stretched out like the neck of a bird of prey.

His remarkable travels began in and there were few countries in Europe or Asia that he didn’t visit in the course of his life. He slowly raised the hookah tube and said in a sleepy voice: A variety of cimbalom or dulcimer, usually played with a small hammer or plectrum.

You see, I’m doing things now as if I was going to die next minute. The village began to be roused – there was a confused murmur of cocks, pigs, asses and men. Zorba leapt up, went for his santuri, sat on the ground Turkish fashion, undraped his instrument, rested it on his lap and stretched his great hands. The narrator and Zorba never see each other again, although Zorba sends the narrator letters over the years, informing him of his travels and work, and his marriage to a year-old woman.

I took the road downhill. To sacrifice oneself to an idea, to a race, to God? Zorba used to awake at dawn, seize his pick, go to the mine before the men, open a gallery, abandon it, find a gleaming lignite seam and dance for joy.

How was it that at this moment, at daybreak on this Cre- 48 tan coast, such a memory should come into my head, together with that faithful verse, and fill my mind with bitterness? Look, 37 one day I had gone to a little village. One’s first impulse was to seize the ship by both ends, plunge it into the sea, shake it thoroughly to make all the livestock which polluted it drop off – men, rats, bugs -and then refloat it, freshly washed and empty.


We’re here, sweetheart, don’t be afraid. A few years later another face gave me the same impression of worn and tortured wood: Their open windows made dark patches, and they resembled whitened skulls jammed between the rocks.

He shook his great grey head guardedly. She fought valiantly on the sea like Canaris and Miaoulis. Take a knife and cut my throat, Bouboulina! I felt a sudden impulse to give one last look at my friend, but I repressed it. But is not that, too, a form of slavery? The narrator, a young Greek intellectual, resolves to set aside his books for a few months after being stung by the parting words of a friend, Stavridakis, who has left for the Russian Caucasus to help some Pontic Greeks in that region often referred to as Caucasus Greeks who are being persecuted.

Towards the end of the afternoon we berthed by the sandy shore and saw finely sifted white sand, oleanders still in flower, fig and carob trees, and, further to the right, a low grey hill without a tree, resembling the face of a woman resting. Just now I’m thinking of the chicken and the pilaff sprinkled with cinnamon.

Zorba the Greek Quotes

Round our ship, the indigo-blue sea was still seething restlessly. When the boss is soft, they leave it all to him, and have an easy time, Get me? I stood at the prow and let myself be intoxicated with the miracle which was revealed as far as the eye could see.