Kiam-Kim is three years old when he arrives by ship at Gold Mountain with his father and his grandmother, Poh-Poh, the Old One. It is , and because of. Summary. “A new book from Choy is an event. His writing has a quiet integrity and an exquisite grace.”–Maclean’s Winner of the Trillium Book Award. All that matters by wayson choy. NATASHA LEMIRE-WAITE. Vancouver Chinatown ‘s – 40’s. Immigrating to Canada. Kiam-Kims.

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Meanwhile, China is suffering during the Japanese invasion of Manchuriaand soon the whole world is at war. Kiam Kim wants to believe in the things his grandmother is telli Ahhh, what to wayyson about this much anticipated sequel to Choy’s ”The Jade Peony”? He confronted a chilling wyson Liang, the Shirley Temple-obsessed only daughter; Jung, the once-abused adoptive second son, and Sek-Lung, or Sekky, the sickly third son. Nov 27, Lea Taranto rated it it was amazing.

Although they Choy’s delicate prose and lyrical approach to his follow-up novel to The Jade Peony is gently intoxicating and completely enveloping. The father hopes to earn a comfortable living for his family and provide a mother to Kiam-Kim as well as additional children.

From his earliest years, Kiam-Kim is deeply conscious awyson his responsibility to maintain the family’s honor and to set an example for his younger siblings. In response, the ship blew its horn again.

It was a bit like my own story of growing up — little disagreements, little traumas, little irritations and a world going on outside that would affect my life later on, but for the time I was protected by family and community.

Lisa Llamrei, author of “Reflection of the Gods” Kiam-Kim is th “A new book from Choy is an event. This leaves the reader wondering how something so powerful could be so easily dismissed, particularly by one so young.

It was bittersweet but the rest of the book was as well so that fit in. At first I didn’t like the ending, but I’ve made my Pretty fun book, but I can’t help but feel just a tad disappointed. Jul 25, Kathy rated it really liked it. Writing from the viewpoint of the young son Kiam-Kim as he grows is a perfect choice for Choy. Despite the fact that the concubine is referred to by all the Chen children — including the ones she eventually bears — as Stepmother, she is successfully integrated into the family.


Jul 08, Marie desJardins rated it liked it. The pressures leading up to and surrounding WW2 are also explored. Father said, “Just the train coming to a stop, Kiam-Kim. Contact Us Use our anonymous tipline Report a book deal Contact us via email.


I felt for his characters and lived through their descriptions. Soon after this sign of approval, American gold and large Mexican silver coins were paid into various hands. It is the story of a successful immigration to the Gold Mountain – the story of growing up Chinese and the merging the old ways with new ways — no one is terrorized or beaten or sold or starved although these events are alluded to.

Refresh and try again. The train engine gave another shriek. It was a bit like my own story of growing up I particularly like Asian-American literature and even like Asian-Canadian literature more, perhaps because of my years on the west coast. Nov 14, Tracie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Blending rich historical detail with powerful personal stories, All That Matters follows Kiam-Kim as he learns the responsibilities and rewards of family and community, as he approaches adulthood in a city much divided, and as he faces decisions about what truly matters in life.

The story is told in the voice of the son Kiam-Kim. At first I didn’t like the ending, but I’ve made my piece with it.

With my eyes following the great billows of smoke, I heard clearly the echoing screech of wheels. Overall though very well done.

A former award-winning novel, The Jade Peony is another recommended read.

What mattfrs, then, had thirty years of his work and investments built? To ask other readers questions about All That Mattersplease sign up. Trivia About All That Matters. It’s not truly a matterss as the events are contemporary with those in, “The Jade Peony,” but told from the missing point of view: Unfortunately it took me a long time to get through it as life interrupted my reading.


I am going to read the Jade Peony next.

Book review: Wayson Choy’s *All That Matters*

Life in Canada did improve for these immigrants after the war and I hope we have evolved as a nation since then so that the ‘resident alien’ can more easily become full citizens and not remain in a virtual limbo as in the past.

What I enjoyed was to notice the importance of hierarchy in Kiam’s family,and the way the family adapted, to wyson new culture, and to each other. However, his life is increasingly complicated by his burgeoning awareness of the world outside Vancouver’s Chinatown.

I think I aall of wzyson into the story expecting so much from the first book. As time passes, Father, stepmother, Poh Poh grandmother and children Kiam, Jung, Liang and Matrers continue to face the pressures of trying to become Canadian and tuat the same time retain their Chinese culture.

I This sequel to The Jade Peony was terrific, though it took me about 50 pages to get into it. It’s the mosaic of life that Choy draws with his magnificent style This is a very well written exploration of a time period from the s to the late s.

Yet this is a land where the Chen family will not starve; where they will be able to keep a girl baby, and not sell her into servitude as was the Old One, whose back is scarred from whippings. By the time the book ended there was plenty of room left for a third novel, which I hope happens.

I enjoyed this story about a family that immigrates from China to Vancouver in the s.

All That Matters

All in all, a beautiful book. Born in Vancouver inWayson Choy has spent much of his life engaged in teaching and writing in Toronto. His writing has a quiet integrity and an exquisite grace.