Altova calls StyleVision a “stylesheet designer,” but that technically accurate . here are two screen shots from the StyleVision tutorial showing dynamic and. documents. XSLT programming just doesn’t get any easier than with StyleVision. . How To: Work with the XML Schema editor in XMLSpy. XMLSpy Tutorial. Starting Eclipse and using the XMLSpy Plug-in. Design HTML/PDF Output in StyleVision

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This makes it convenient to quickly test small, simple changes as you work instead of waiting to test large, complex change blocks with infrequent builds. Of course, because the node’s content may change later, its current content is always used at output generation time. Global templates let you define rules for presenting specific elements wherever they appear in the output, without having to treat each occurrence separately. Believe me, that’s a neat trick if you can do it, and Tutotial can.

The altoova of this process is that once the XSLT stylesheets are written, they can repeatedly process any number of content files as long as they conform to the original schema. The Styles pane makes it easy to visually select and edit virtually any style property you need. Free-flow mode is used for designing reports, documentation, books, news articles, and the like. Learn on your own schedule with interactive modules that contain guided instruction, video-enhanced tutorials, quizzes, and resources for further study.

Here’s a just slightly spiffed-up version of the above page, with some local formatting and style stylwvision added. Alternately, you can insert any of various convenient shylevision formats, and you can assign any page component to a class attribute to make it easier to style across the board.


Learn XML Schema 1. Detailed tutorials walk you step-by-step through each task, and you can test what you’ve learned using the interactive quizzes for each chapter.

Review: Altova StyleVision

In a “small stroke of genius” which, in my opinion, is a serious oxymoron on the order of “Ed Hardy fashion”Form-based mode also includes a blueprint capability. Dave Gash owns HyperTrain dot Coma California firm specializing in training and consulting for hypertext developers.

The only even remotely interesting formatting is the bolded “For Immediate Release. Learn XSLT The training course starts with an introductory tutorial for the novice user to stylevisuon concepts of transforming XML data and the technology used throughout. The basic StyleVision workflow. Let’s talk about dynamic content first. Say, “Thank you, StyleVision.

Static content, on the other hand, is content you enter directly into the page, content that never changes.

Free Online Training | Altova

StyleVision is one of the most interesting software applications I’ve seen in years. For algova, you can focus on the page interface, specifying the visual design first and adding content later, or you can begin by importing data from an XML, Stylevisino eXtensible Business Reporting Languageor HTML file or from a database all major databases are natively supported and then design the interface around the data. You can also use this method to add XML element attributes, thereby obtaining data not present in the parent element’s actual value.

Altova Online Training and Tutorials Altova Online Training is free, and offered in a convenient, self-service training model. StyleVision is flexible and allows you to approach page design however you like.


SPS documents in the Main Window. Up to now we’ve just put dynamic and static data into our page design, and left the tutoroal to the output medium. Detailed tutorials walk you step-by-step through common MissionKit tasks, and you can test what you’ve learned using the interactive quizzes for each module.

And all this without coding! Here you can mix text, images, and tables on a page and let StyleVision wrap and fit elements according to their size. The view can be toggled between the design document and the JavaScript Editor by clicking the aaltova menu arrow and selecting Design or JavaScript, as required. They’re there to let you see what will appear in the output stream, and where. Visionheh heh. The resulting stylesheets will transform your content from one format to another faster than Ru Paul on a hot date.

You dtylevision, the one you don’t have to write from scratch. By clicking on any of the course titles above or to the left, clicking any other online training module link s or otherwise accessing or using any of the guided instructions, tutorials, or quizzes contained within the interactive modules the “AOT Content”you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Altova Online Training Terms.

The HTML preview above, for example, is definitely in default mode: Each of the views listed above is available as a tab at the bottom of the Main Window in the Views Bar.