Buy API 6FB: R SPECIFICATION FOR FIRE TEST FOR END CONNECTIONS from SAI Global. API SPEC 6FB: Specification for Fire Test for End Connections. API 6FB Gasket Fire Test Report. Performed for. Klinger (Australia) Ltd http:// Klinger Maxiprofile Type Style LA1 /Graphite. 4 inch Class.

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The American Petroleum Institute standard 6FB is a specification which establishes procedures for testing and evaluating the pressure containing performance of Wellhead Outlet connections when exposed to fire. Protects the inner windings of the gasket from high temperatures.

Combined inner and outer s. Page 3 Flange Face Types. Where dissimilar metals are present, the sets remove the possibility of the system acting as a galvanic cell and reduce the risk of galvanic More information.

Halo Seal Passes API 6FB Fire Safe Test

Company Profile RMT operates in field of manufacturing steel valves of high technology for oil, gas petrochemical and power generation. Cast iron body Size: The main fields of application are the water treatment. Automatic Minimum Flow System. Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. These gaskets can be used in flanges with larger surface roughnesses, but in this case the bolt loads should be increased so as to ensure proper function of the gasket.


It appears to open up for the test to be performed with or without bending ref chapters 4.

API 6FB Fire Test Report – 2″ Class VCFS Gasket | GPT Industries

Used on raised face and flat face flanges. We can assume no liability for any resulting damage. For use in manhole gaskets. The metal windings enclose the filler and, at the same time, ensure the strength and elasticity of the gasket. This gives the gasket recovery forces which provide for a reliable surface load even at fluctuating operating conditions.

In the interests of development and improvement of the product, we reserve the right to change the specification without. Pleasants Company James M. The charts below show the test conditions and successful response of the seal:. These surveys provide valuable information regarding environmental pollution More information.

The V-shaped metal strip is spirally wound with the softmaterial filler.

Graphite inner acts as an additional gasket. Are you an Engineering professional? It automatically protects centrifugal pumps from damages, which might More information.

Valve type Inlet connection Outlet connection Local regulations may restrict the use of this product to below the conditions quoted. As we cannot influence aip specific application conditions, we would ask you to consider this as a non-binding recommendation.

The charts below show the test conditions and successful response of the seal: Types of gaskets Types of gaskets have proven extremely useful in 6tb areas of industry, including the most demanding sealing tasks. Bryce Hall 2 years ago Views: Spiroflex gaskets SpV retain More information.


M3 Plate heat exchanger Applications General heating and cooling duties. After the assembly is cooled to room temperature the line appi de-pressurised and then re-pressurised. Transportation and Storage 5. The surface roughness should be approx. Wide choice of materials for metal strip and filler material.

Flange Insulation Sets Insulation sets are used to limit corrosion in pipeline systems. Packing and gaskets Page of 7. Our product will be tested under part II offshore well bay conditions. Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise 6b vendors.

For use in high-pressure pumps, high-pressure valves and gas applications. However, as a general guide we recommend the following: Chart 1 – Temperature logging for the calorimeter blocks and thermocouples during the full 60 minute burn and cool down cycle.

Spiral-wound gaskets have long been used as sealing elements in refineries, chemical plants, gas installations, water treatment plants and in general pipeline construction.