Kitab ar-Ruh: Soul’s Journey After Death: Abridgement with Commentary [Ibn Al- Qayyim, Layla Mabrouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ar-Ruh Ibn Al-Qayyim. Ar-Ruh Ibn Al-Qayyim. Identifier Ar-ruhIbnAl-qayyim. Identifier-ark ark://t9sz6h. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Abridged version of Soul’s journey after death by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, student of Ibn Taymiyya, a Hanafi scholar and a Sufi of the Qadiri.

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– Kitab-ar-Ruh – Its Attribution To Ibn Al-Qayyim

And right after this he quotes the usool of Maalik rahimahullaah which demolishes the claims of soofeeyah! So this action itself needs an explicit proof due to it being ibaadah then how can you base your argument on an innovation? Then, when Abu Bakr told him that he had indeed died, he retracted his first statement.

I will add later on insha Allaah what the Shaykh rahimahullah said about Thalqeen qayylm its related athar from Imam Ahmed rahimahullaah. Soofees are truly insane! We jbn see some qayyyim these later. How on earth a sane Muslim can justify the fake stories from a book like fadaail-e-aamaal and rest of soofee fiction?

What I have quoted above from Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullaah from I’laamul Muwaqqi’een is a crystal clear recantation, tremendous clarification after which his previous comments if this attribution of Kitab-ar-Ruh is genuine are all nullified. I am superior to him for You created me with fire and You created him with clay.

When they do that, their lives and their zr are protected except for the rights of Islam. So this action cannot be used to prove some kayfiyyah of the ghaib. I heard Maalik bin Anas saying: If there had been such a possibility allowance of this deed of reciting the Qur’aan at the gravethen the Salaf-us-Saaliheen, the Sahabah and the Taabi’een and those who followed them would not have been deprived of this tremendous and marvelous action.

There were various other conditions which seemed to be unfair to the Muslims. From these quotes, Sarfraaz Safdar makes the following conclusion right on the following page, Sarfraaz Khan said: You will not find apart from this insha Allaah a single instance where he rahimahullaah quoted any radd from many rudood of the scholars from the Taabi’een and Attba ut Taabi’een upon Abee Haneefah rahimahullaah inspite of them being numerous. Also in the battles against those who withheld their zakat, during the caliphate of Abu Bakr.


And some of them have concocted a grave fissiparous reasoning that one of the objectives of reciting the Qur’aan at the grave is that the dead inside his grave shall be able to hear the recital of the Qur’aan and this is utterly wrong. On the other hand, one who is muhaddath takes things from his own heart or intuitions, and these are not protected from falling into error, and so he needs always to measure them against that which has been brought by the Prophet, the protected from falling into error.

Then came Abu Haamid meaning al-ghazaalee who caused the valley to landslide over! Fear Allaah O slave of Allaah!

From whom have they received it? This is his aqeedah and what has been mentioned in Kitab ar Ruh cannot be taken in isolation when this great Imam has re-iterated his stance, refuted this claim and repeated it in two different volumes of his most famous of works of usool.

Ar-Ruh Ibn Al-Qayyim

It is not befitting to leave what is most beneficial to the dead and most beloved deed to Allaah and adopt that which is in opposition to it. Since the greeting for the dead is similar to the greeting of the living, the author derives from it based on qiyaas that the dead hear and recognize the visitors to the graves.

Not even the recital of the Qur’aan, let alone people flocking at their graves in order to seek the faiz bathinee O Safdar!

I am yet to reveal Ibn al-Qayyim’s aqeedah bit by bit bi-idhnillaah!!! This contains a write-up praise from Shaykh Ibn Baaz rahimahullaah. Before anyone should claim, I picked up a rare quote from I’laam and G.

Then he said to Abee Haneefah: The one whom they claim to blind follow in creed, they strenuously oppose him in fiqh.

He points out that it contains narrations that are not authentic. Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullaah re-iterates in I’laam: This should send shock waves around soofee circles and let the blood in those hands clot that have given secret bayah to their fake shaykhs by the permission of Allaah, guh Mighty and Majestic!!! Then how do they accept kitaab-ar-Ruh and most of the narrations in it relating to dreams and events that are extremely weak?


Ibn al-Qayyim has refuted it in an undettered fashion. This leaves the soofeeyah in hot water insha Allaah!

Then how do they accept kitaab-ar-Ruh and most of the narrations in it relating to dreams and events that are extremely weak?

And we seek Allaah’s Help from these desires and place our reliance upon Him.

Ar-Ruh Ibn Al-Qayyim : Ibn Al-Qayyim : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

So do not make qiyaas. Then came Abu Haamid meaning al-ghazaalee who caused the valley to landslide over! This was extremely difficult for many of the Muslims, and Allah and His Prophet knew best the great benefits in that treaty. Then he Ja’far as-Saadiq said: Abu Haneefah and myself entered upon Ja’far Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hanafeeyah and greeted him with salaam for I had friendly relations with him.

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullaah said in his most exemplary book of Usool: I do not have any words left for the muraabits infested in the west, who decorate their web pages with lies and deceptions!!! Then why is it that the menstruating woman has to make up for her fasts while she is exempted from making up her salaah?

Umar said to him: Its a aayyim of Usool Walillaahil-hamd! Umar subsequently retracted his position and said about this incident: How many chapters has ibn al-Qayyim written in refuting those who perform qiyaas?

Refuge of Allaah is sought from lies and deceptions! Tomorrow, we and you shall be gathered in front of Allah: Then he Ja’far as-Saadiq rahimahullaah said: