“Ars Poetica” has been called MacLeish’s ultimate expression of the Archibald MacLeish, who like Cummings arrived on the poetic scene after the first. Ars Poetica by Archibald MacLeish. Ars Poetica Learning Guide by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley. Brief summary of the poem Ars Poetica. Ars Poetica. by Archibald MacLeish. Home /; Poetry /; Ars Poetica /; Summary. Ars Poetica /; Summary. SHMOOP.

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After briefly attempting a turkey-farming venture in Conway, Massachusetts, MacLeish accepted an editorial position with Henry R.

Ars Poetica

qrs Disputing this function of art, MacLeish states:. These lines offer the same type of evasive images that were offered for grief in the preceding couplet. Miller, Linda Patterson, ed. He served as a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets from to Doing this would mean sitting back, keeping quiet, and letting older folks run things, with the faith that they know best.

The flow and style prolific and very creative, giving impact to each concept effortlessly. True following the lines of Formalism These people all associated with each other and gathered to converse about weighty issues such as art, poetry, and responsibility. To secure their own self-respect, young people could claim that knowledge is overrated by older people to justify their waning physical prowess.

There he [MacLeish] found Fenellosa’s observation that “metaphor was the very essence of poetry,” but not as exegesis or demonstration.

Simon and Schuster, But on the great issue, on the issue of man, his truth and the truth of history are one.

Dramatists Play Service, J. And fourth, he understands the poem as a creation that is an end to itself. Obviously, climbing indicates motion. Poetry should not endeavor to take on great, unanswerable philosophical questions; it should merely be a means of taking in the richness of being.


Books for Libraries Press, I love this poem! It is impossible to know whether it is the memories or the mind that is leaving.

Lines compare the “motionless” poem by implication to universality, the property of a literary work that makes it relevant for people of all ages and cultures.

Because of the extensive use of antibiotics, tougher bacteria strains that are resistant to antibiotics have evolved.

On “Ars Poetica”

Inhe was appointed assistant Secretary of State for cultural affairs. After his graduation, he married, and then served in France atchibald World War I. In other words, a poem should not concern itself with the poetifa, unknowable concept of truth. Second, he isolates the concrete as a representation of the emotion, that is, the objective correlative. Lines suggest that a poem should be motionless, like a climbing moon. Explain what makes the lyrics good.

Ars Poetica – Poem by Archibald MacLeish

Attendance at sporting events skyrocketed, giving rise to the sports hero, including people with whom we are familiar today, such as Babe RuthKnute Rockne, Bill Tilden, and Jack Dempsey. It is about who will cooperate and who will take orders from the ones holding power over them. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude SteinT. MacLeish thoroughly reorganized the Library’s administrative offices and established the Library’s series of poetry readings. The tremulously mirrored clouds lie deep, Enchanted towers bosomed in the stream, And blossomed coronals of white-thorn gleam Within the water where the willows sleep— Still-imaged willow-leaves whose shadows steep The far-reflected sky in dark of dream; And glimpsed therein the sun.

Houghton Mifflin Company Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. A poem should be equal to: If the stone ledge could speak, what tale would it tell about the observer and the observed?


MacLeish is suggesting that the art of poetry should present itself with sprezzatura, or subtle ease of manner, unfettered by the individual words that create the whole. MacLeish implies that poets should rein in their ambitions to keep poetry in touch with reality.

Ars Poetica Poem by Archibald MacLeish – Poem Hunter

MacLeish was born into a well-to-do, but not extremely wealthy, family inin Glencoe, Illinois. Either of these readings petica right: The irony here is that MacLeish must necessarily use words to represent his natural objects. Ara a while, though, readers or viewers or listeners grow tired of experiencing or encountering artistic pieces, whether they are stone casements, telephone lines, or poems.

A poem should not mean But be. As an artistic stance, though, the immediacy called for in this poem is too limited to continue throughout a writing career.

MacLeish wanted to link the classical with the modern in his poetic “treatise” poeticw a way of implying that the standards of good poetry are timeless, that they do not change in essence though actual poems change from age to age and language to language. While he admits that the construction of the word is inherently ambiguous, St.

A culture that celebrates youth is run, at the top, by people who are clever, whether they are strong and good-looking or ugly weaklings. It would not do to gush on the page. Should the language of good poetry be clear and direct, requiring no interpretation, or remain archibals ambiguous and merely suggestive of a particular meaning?