Ramingining: arte aborigen australiano de la tierra de Arnhem. Museums have often mixed Aboriginal art works with disparate objects in their collections. Explore Macuca Vicky’s board “Arte aborigen Australiano” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Aboriginal art, Aboriginal symbols and Aboriginal tattoo. Arte Aborigen Australiano. Tierra y sueño. génesis y naturaleza. La labor estética de los aborígenes australianos. Presencia de cultural. En las comunidades.

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This button adds artworks austraoiano lists or content page in order to organize a visit to the Museum. Clicking ‘Print’, artworks are arranged in a document by floor and room to facilitate the visit.

Museums have often mixed Aboriginal art works with disparate objects in their collections, producing taxonomies that are not very faithful to the reality of those people.

This collection is by artists living in the north-central part of Arnhem. There we find two important centres of artistic activity: In the Aborihen Gallery of Contemporary Art at the University of Sydney commissioned Djon Mundine, curator of this exhibition and artistic adviser for the Ramingining community, to organise an exhibition that would reflect the various representations created by the artists from Arnhem.


Mundine organised the exhibition as a visual record of social and intellectual patterns in this society through their designs and symbolic representations. Following the success of the aborigej the Power Gallery decided to purchase and integrate the entire collection.

Turning its artistic line completely around, it would later become the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. The Ramingining Collection expands in with the acquisition of the Maningrida Collection adding pieces from the homonymous region and in with the Artnott’s Collection which includes, among others, forty pieces by the artist Yirawala.

This exhibition is divided into six sections related to six geographic areas: Gulunbuy freshwater swampsLarrtha’puy mangrovesRangipuy oceans and beaches Diltjipuy forestRetjapuy jungles and Ninydjiya plains. The division is due to the different themes that appear in each of them.

Exposición – Ramingining: arte aborigen australiano de la tierra de Arnhem –

The artists from Arnhem Land are inspired by nature in their development of political, social and religious themes, so often the animals depicted in their works function as metaphors. The artists represented in the collection use tree bark with the same frequency with which Western painters turn to canvas. Simultaneous to this exhibition is the projection of Screen Lifea virtual representation of videos on Australian and Asian artists projected on the giant screen installed onto the Sabatini building’s main facade.


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