So WotC allowed the makers of ‘Ashes of Athas’ to make it available. So, a while ago, I was told that there once existed a particular “Living Athas” campaign, called “Ashes of Athas”. Being the diligent researcher I. From publisher blurb: Ashes of Athas is a continuing 4e D&D campaign set in the world of the Dark Sun campaign setting. PCs will take up the mantle of heroism.

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The campaign was administered by Baldman Games the company is best known for organizing conventions for Wizards. They both appear to still work. Some smaller conventions carried the chapters after they premiered, and several are still offering the adventures in A couple of weeks of frantic prep work followed, including taking last Thursday off work to get ready.

Sending out the e-mails isn’t ahtas bad. Words cannot express how much I want to play this.


I have fond memories of my 4e DS game. Originally Posted by Blackbrrd. Skimming through most of the material, I have to say that it’s an interesting setting, with meaningful choices and focused more on survival than epic adventuring. As a DS player since 2E, it’s great to see it continuing to be supported. This is a moving, living world and you can find your own space to play in it that is unique to your and your players. Impressed, they swore to take up your cause. If so, what are their memories of it?

I got to the convention at the Red Lion Hotel around 6: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. or


As it turns out, the GM was actually running a game using the Dresden Files rules in a different setting. Things went pretty well in The Stolen Staff.

More Information Edit History. Various Rulesets Dnd 2.

Ashes of Athas | Online Dungeon Master

You can edit this page to create it. This page does not exist. If anyone else is interested in these, I just realized that I still have the Dropbox links the creators provided me with for both the written content as well as the maps.

Athaz fight against the orc leader in the end was only so-so; I still need to work on making him more interesting. The party fought well, though, grabbed the Shield and got out of there, leaving the beholder alive as most parties have done.

4E Ashes of Athas DarkSun Campaign now available!

The awesome RPG coordinator had arranged for me to get a refund for the sessions I had originally signed up to play in but was now running instead. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: They were actually possessive of me as their DM, too; when od were talking about the possibility of players having to get moved around to other tables in the afternoon, they insisted that they get to keep me.

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Thursday, 3rd June, Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. And thanks to Wizards for their generosity in letting it be distributed. If so, I ran some of it for a store ages ago.

If your character died you received a copy. PCs take up the mantle of heroism in the grim and brutal desert world of Athas. In addition, because the aarakocra was inspired to look into your life, you retained a working knowledge of what had happened in the campaign and could retain a number of story awards your dead character had earned.


The party could have played at either level 12 or level 14, and they were ultimately happy they chose 12 14 might have killed them. When we begin, your character has been asked to aid a secretive faction of the Veiled Alliance in the Free City of Tyr against an atha assailant. No Web Links Found.

Here is their forum post. Impressively, we did ashws creation, character tweaking, and a full xthas in the course of a three-hour session! Ashees figured that was the end of it. My favorite moment of the convention came in this game, where a fighter decided he wanted to climb onto a table, make a running leap onto a bookshelf 10 feet away and then drop down the far side in order to attack an enemy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Like, crack-cocaine level of Athasian roleplaying dope.

Proudly powered by WordPress Theme: Please select a support frequency. For the final day of the convention, there were only two sessions, and I was running paragon-level LFR games for both of them. Saturday was Ashes of Athas day. It is our pleasure.