The milieux of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea™ are inspired by the fantastic literature of Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, and Clark. Jeffrey Talanian is raising funds for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2E on Kickstarter! The premier sword-and-sorcery RPG. Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea takes all that, mixes it with equal parts of old school and modern RPG mechanics, and then.

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After Shokk Support independent music! Limited to 1 customer first come, first served. The demon section has been expanded with some brand new types with Russ Nicholson artwork thrown in. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to contact Jeffrey Talanian of North Wind Adventures through this Kickstarter page or through www. Limited to 6 customers first come, first served.

It is a role-playing game inspired by the fiction of Robert E. However, please consider that this game is already written. Sample of ice-blue hot foil.

To pledge for an add-on, you simply increase your pledge amount to cover the add-on price. Saturn is prominent in the sky, and celestial phenomena are often. Current estimates range from — pages.

You must pay your shipping fees in order to receive your item s! Its mandate is to encourage its master to greater deeds of depravity and Evil. This will be an all-in-one presentation, a single tome containing the following volumes:.


In fact, a good third of the editing already is done, too. Here is a breakdown of estimated shipping fees in the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world. Learn more about accountability. If we achieve this initial stretch goal, we will have these printed on the cardinal red end sheets of the hardback—a grand scene that stretches from the front of the book to the back of the book.


Bestiary ; Volume V: Choices include the following:. We have other billing options, such as Square.

Pledge at our PDF level. Other items like an unfolded map must be sent in a separate container. They include Volume I: We can, however, accurately estimate the cost to ship an unfolded map or a canvas map, because these require their own separate triangular prism container to ship.

Posted by Needles at We swordmen commission more art for this already art-rich book! These benchmarks have been accomplished. Treasure ; and Volume VI: The above shipping fees are estimates based astojishing current USPS rates.


This graphically embellished PDF can be used by the referee for easy reference to the most pertinent tables and other sodcerers. Val has pencilled and inked six amazing, atmospheric, volume-dividing frontispiece illustrations.

This is ‘the’ game system that I personally use at my table and my players love! These colour pieces will be tipped in and sewn into the otherwise black-and-white book. I hope you enjoy the game. David Prata Cover Art: This Kickstarter campaign features some exciting stretch goals! Each of these six illustrations functions as a frontispiece for its respective volume within the book. I’ve twisted the world, distorted the setting, astonisshing and subtracted huge chunks of the setting, modified the system and much more.


We reserve the right to alter these fees if USPS implements a new pricing structure before we ship. Share this project Done.

Note that shirts cannot be sent media mail, but books can. We waited to launch this campaign until the bulk of the art was in, and the map was complete. Add an adventure module from one of our past Kickstarter campaigns. Reward no longer available 6 backers.

This edition injects even more Smithian goodness into the rpg setting material. Sorcery ; Volume III: We intend to explore the prospects of print on demand POD in foreign countries, but it is not something we intend to pursue at this time.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Shipping fees will be billed after the campaign later in when it is time to fulfill through PayPal. If we can achieve this second stretch goal, we will present these illustrations digitally coloured by Daisey Bingham. So why was a second edition necessary? Each character will include statistics for the 1st, 5th, and 9th level of experience. Check out the FAQ. Our products are not in the distribution chain at this wsordsmen, and we do not have global print partners.

HP Lovecraft is asyonishing sure but its really Smith’s game center stage now.