Asura- Tale of The Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan. I finished reading Asura yesterday and what a coincidence, it was Dussehra! I will start its review by. Asura: Tale of vanquished, brings out a fresh perspective to Ramayana. Why did Anand Neelakantan choose to tell the story of Asura from two perspectives. Book Review # Asura – The Tale of the Vanquished By Anand Neelakantan. Posted by Pradeep T. As I started reading this book, I was in a.

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Asura: Tale of the Vanquished | Anand Neelakantan | Book Review

At times Ravana seems to be happy and content, and in split seconds, he is sad or angry. By the end of the book however, two things become clear. The way the Author, Ananad Neelakantan, explained the whole story was with a humanly touch mixed with the emotions of a common man makes it very interesting.

Given that I was a South Indian married to a North Indian, there was enough room for views and counter views, to help me approach this book with the indifference of an agnostic. While counting his last moments, the protagonist expresses his fear of leaving Lanka in the hands of strange Asura: For, Lord Sri Rama lived His life on this earth and He does not need a character certificate from people like us. The poor could not afford to care and nobody asked their opinion in any case.

Written through a distorted prism of historical victimization, this book is simplistic beyond imagination, is replete with misprisions, and makes no attempt either to capture the poetry of the original epic or show any sort of fidelity to its philosophy. For a book to be on the Crossword bestseller, there have to be some acceptable standards of editing. Bagaimana jika alasan sebenarnya Rahwana menculik Sinta adalah karena wanita itu ternyata adalah putrinya?


Pandangan saya akan Rahwana berubah total saat menyaksikan perjuangannya sebagai manusia biasa, sebagai raja yang hanya ingin menolong rakyatnya dari penindasan bangsa penjajah dengan sistem kastanya, sebagai seorang ayah yang hanya ingin menyelamatkan putri tersayangnya.

Simran Khurana Well, the book answers it all Sep vanquishes, Purba Chakraborty rated it really liked it. Death Note amused us not because of the struggle between L and Kira, but the fact that they were both right in their own ways.

Asura: Tale of the Vanquished | Anand Neelakantan | Book Review

He writes that, Rama has pronounced Vibhishana as the king of Lanka. Jan 04, Viji rated it did not like it. We empathize with him in certain asurq rather than hating him. Those are the dangerous ones.

Sita mata commits suicide by jumping off to the Sarayu River, when her chastity being questioned by the citizens of Ayodhya. And, Vibhishana has abolished all the asura practices and introduced all the vedic ansnd. Jan 16, Doctor rated it really liked banquished Shelves: If you are rational, If you want to hear the other side of the story, and if you have the ability to question yourself – Who is wrong and who is right! He is still looted, ignored, and exploited.

Take it as an inventive, if extremely badly written, exercise in reversing the so called historical bias of victors, and leave it at that.


Scholars will tell you that the characters in the epic are metaphors for various qualities: Gives a completely new and refreshing perspective to the Ramayana. But the infighting of his ten faces of emotions blended with the incidents sometimes makes me feel that every one has to pass through this. It is a treat to my thinking, to my point of vabquished. Even events like the death of children that typically tug at the heartsrings were written in a manner that excited no emotion in me.

This must and should be mentioned without fail.

And pride is the only reward of success. As the book enfolds, the emotions are varied and extreme. It took me weeks because the whole concept of the book was so deep that after every chapter I used to wonder for hours questioning myself, what Tal have been told since my childhood, was it the truth? Newer Post Older Post Home.

Blaming both Rama and Ravana and then showing that Ravana was slightly better than Rama as Rama was too adherent to the brahminical laws might be good placate the egos of the Hindu-haters, however, I donot know if this would do any good to the society.