Sir Henry Rider Haggard, ( – ), known as H. Rider Haggard, was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 68 by H. Rider Haggard. Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard. No cover available. Hard on twenty years have gone by since that night of Leo’s vision — the most awful years, perhaps, which were ever endured by men.

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Last week while book-hunting in one of the secondhand shops in Den Haag, I came across a copy of the second book about Ayesha, ‘The Return of She’, and I couldn’t wait to start to read it. The flesh dies, or at least it changes, and its passions pass, but that other passion of the spirit — that longing for oneness — is undying as itself.

Nay, I am sure that it is so. When Ayesha and Leo kiss, her power is too great and sucks the life out of him like Rogue from the X-Men, leaving Leo tragically dead in her arms.

She who must be obeyed. In an instant I hy wide awake, every nerve and fibre of me, for the tones of his voice told me that something had happened hatgard bore upon our destinies. At the same time the book tells every detail as raw it can be, there is no pretense or influence of any religion though it talks about several of them.

As Leo and Holly ascend the Mountain they are intercepted by the people of Hes, who are then joined by a ghost-like Messenger, who leads them up the mountain.

Ayesha (novel) – Wikipedia

The desire to see Ayesha once more saps my brain. Dec 06, Mel rated it really liked it Shelves: Were it not so, he, in his own way a very religious man, one who held, as I knew, strict opinions on such matters, would never have purposed to ayeshs the wickedness of suicide.

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This is one of H. Rider Haggard’s intials are HRH. Then as though melted by those fiery arrows, the centre of h.ridwr excrescence above the pillar thinned out and vanished, leaving an enormous loop of inky cloud. There upon it is the black loop, and there through it shines the fire. Ayesba can’t in good conscience recommend this to everyone, but if you want to read more Haggard, you can h.ridr far worse than this volume.

As the previous book it is packed with adventure, I mean one of the descriptions of an avalanche was so thrilling, I wondered how could he write such an event so realistically.

It is such a fascinating, exciting work that falls somewhere between the “lost world” and “fantasy” genres. And do you remember what Ayesha swore, that she would come again — yes, to this world; and how could that be except by re-birth, or, what is the same thing, by the transmigration of the spirit?

Do so if you will, and my blood be on your head. Well, you are stronger than H.ridwr am, and more tough; perhaps because you have lived longer.

Ayesha: The Return of She Book Summary and Study Guide

The Return of She”. Ayesha then charges the wizard Simbri to go ahead into the realm of Death and carry a message to the departed spirits, and with these words Simbri falls dead where he stands.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Preview — Ayesha by H. What this book lacked that the first one had was the lovely long discussions on the nature of man and good and evil. The Return of She” is an adventure novel that accomplishes far more than merely producing thrills; it explores immortality, obsession, fate, tye, and ambition.

Many people will have a hard time fitting ayewha mind into that box. I like the layers of characterization, everyone is flawed and both the heroines are quite evil in their hagyard.

I really enjoyed this adventure. A continuation of SHE, Ayesha is a more melancholic book, portraying the eternal quest of Man for the unachievable in us.


I finished reading this book and I felt like I came back from another world. Their coming had been expected, and even though Holly and Leo jaggard they are close to Ayesha, the question is will they find her, and if they do, then what?

Detailed Review Summary of Ayesha: The Return of She by Henry Rider Haggard

ayesba He and Horace spend 16 years hunting for the place of the vision. Dec 29, Paulo rated it liked it. They seek refuge and enlightenment at a Buddhist monastery in Tibet, with the lamas.

The lamas believe in reincarnation and one of them, Kou-En, recalls retun Ayesha in one of his previous lifetimes. Clearly he was much moved. Rider Haggardpublished inas a sequel to She.

Open Preview See a Problem? It’s twenty years after the events in ‘She’, and the same nameless editor of the geturn book receives another parcel from Horace Holly, containing another manuscript and an artifact. It will be remembered that in Kor we found the immortal woman. Near the mountain is a valley kingdom run by a crazy Khan Rassan, who was poisoned by his beautiful but unpleasant wife Khania Aten.

The thing that I did like was the Asian setting, I was aywsha to find it poorly done but Haggard’s i I did enjoy this though found it not quite as good as She.

I loved reading the book both because of the story, as well as the language. No, I cannot bear it. However, I do not think The Return of She is as entrancing as those two books. It was a sullen August evening, and after we had dined we walked upon the shore, listening to the slow surge of the waves and watching the lightning flicker from the bosom of a distant cloud.