This documentation also bases on the original Bacula documentation, it is but if you use a program like BackupPC, it can create hundreds of thousands. Check the permissions on /usr/share/webapps/backuppc/r1/hostroot/cgi-bin //BackupPC_Admin and look at the documentation. + Dur/mins. +. +\$ArchiveStr. +. +. +EOF. + . $Lang{BackupPC__Documentation} = “BackupServer: Dokumentation”;.

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The README file contains instructions for running rsync as a service, so it starts automatically everytime you boot your machine. The configuration file is a perl script that is executed by BackupPC, so you should be careful to preserve the file syntax punctuation, quotes etc when you edit it. Not only backippc all the perl code need to be parsed just once, the config.

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When it sees the second and dkoumentation hardlinks to the same file, it dumps just the hardlink information. On your local LAN round-trip times should be much less than 20msec. The host-specific configuration can be edited from the host summary page using the link in the left navigation bar. Command to run smbclient for a restore.

BackupPC Documentation

In that case, set this to any spare port number over eg: You can run “perldoc File:: First DNS is used to lookup the IP address given the client’s name using perl’s backupc function.

See the section “Step 5: There is a tradeoff between how much of file is used for the MD5 digest and the time taken comparing all the files that have the same hash.


The permissions should look like this:. To quickly see if a file is already in the pool, an MD5 digest of the file length and contents dokumejtation used as the file name in the pool. The backup is done using the specified XferMethod. If the file exists in the pool, the contents are compared.

The CGI interface has a complete configuration and host editor. However, user requested backups which are usually incremental and tend to be small are still performed, independent of disk usage. That means it invisible to the user whether incremental dumps are filled or not. Several users have reported significantly better performance using reiserfs compared to ext3 dojumentation the BackupPC data file system.

Times are measured in hours since midnight.

Fifo files are stored as empty plain files which are not pooled since they have zero size. Optional compression support further reducing disk storage.

With checksum caching enabled, there is a risk that should a file’s contents in the pool be corrupted due to a disk problem, but the cached checksums are still correct, the corruption will not be detected by a full backup, since the file contents are no longer read and compared.

BackupPC remembers information about each restore request.

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Pool name Only on director side. Your actual mileage will depend upon the types of clients, operating systems and applications you have. Filling is no longer useful, since file mangling and compression doesn’t make a filled backup very useful. Errors in parsing the configuration file are also reported in the LOG file. BackupPC “fills-in” incremental backups when browsing or restoring, based on the levels of each backup, giving every backup a “full” appearance.


The CGI script will download dokmentation original file when you click on a hardlink. Otherwise your pool will grow to twice the size until all the old backups and all the old files with old hashes eventually expire.

Full path to the sendmail command.

To support restore via Zip archives you will need to install Archive:: Bareos client Meta-All-In-One package.

Normally this is 1, which means every night it runs, it does traverse the entire pool removing unused pool files.

The main compensation for continuing to work on BackupPC is knowing that more and more people find it useful. The chance of the server disk failing can be made very small by spending more money on increasingly better RAID systems. Output from the transport program ie: Command to run smbclient for an incremental dump.

The exact behavior is determined by the underlying transport program, smbclient or tar.