Baagh o bahar by Mir Amman. Identifier BaghOBaharPdfUnicode. Identifier-ark ark://t7wm6dv4c. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi Bagh-o Bahar (Qisa Chahar Darwesh) by Mir Aman Dehlvi Nikah o Talaq Aur Hamari Zimedariyan by Mufti Muhammad ZakirIn “Ikhlaqiat”. BAGH-O-BAHAR or. Tales of the Four MIR AMMAN OF DIHLI, by. DUNCAN ( another famous Fort William story, in Hindi, Urdu, and English). ~~~~~~~~~~~.

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These individuals are from different backgrounds. Once I found that version, the possibilities began to germinate in my mind, and one thing led to another, and I couldn’t possibly resist. I’ve corrected a few typos, but otherwise have basically left intact abgh remarkable and to me often wrong-looking parentheses, punctuation, and spelling.

The book brings out the details of bath unusual encounter of four wandering dervishes, three princes, an affluent merchant, and several other characters. The Smith-Forbes annotations are valuable in several ways. No one dare tease or wrong another; the tiger and the goat drink at the same fountain.

Bagh-o-Bahar Qissa Chahar Darwesh ebooks by Mir Amman | Rekhta

It is a story-or rather, five stories set within a single-frame story-very much in the style of the Arabian Nights. It is delightful reading. Somebody once actually insisted to me that he had also invented the sari. I happened to have that same Forbes edition in my own collection; and when I started tracking down more information about Forbes and his work, his debts to Smith began to emerge very clearly, and I realized that this project could and should have a number of layers: Our translator-in-chief Duncan Forbes himself also singled out the Qissah-e Hatim Ta’i for translation though he used medr Persian version of the story, rather than the Fort William retelling.

I had planned to go on to discuss Tahsin’s Nau tarz-e murassa’ early ‘sand Mir Amman’s huge and flagrantly unacknowledged urdk to it, and the connection of both these qissahs to the Persian story tradition.

It describes the norms, etiquettes, rites, rituals, attires, foods, utensils and jewellery. We can so easily relate, admire and dialogue with them. What bgh juicy and complicated little treat I have here for all you variously interested readers! Dozens of other such echoes are apparent to the knowledgeable reader; many of the stories told by the four Darwesh and Meef Bakht as a fifth narrator are of well-known types that are found all over the world.


There is no bitterness or rancour.

One change that I did make, however, was to eliminate his frequent use of italicization, typical of his time, for proper names. All my own editorial comments within the notes are in square brackets; and everything in square brackets within the notes is mine Forbes uses only parentheses in his notes.

The difference of decades, and of Smith’s cheerful amateur relish versus Forbes’s ostentatious and sometimes irritable professionalism, would have made it fun to be able to separate their notes like layers in an archaeological dig, but many individual notes in Forbes are hybrids, so it would have been unfeasibly complicated to label them all.

This page was last modified on 4 Novemberat urfu After being called into existence by British fiat, for some decades these early printed qissah texts excited no special interest, and remained white elephants of a sort.

See examples and a tutorial. This is a collection of articles archived for the excellence of their content. Consider the following facts. The First Darvesh’s story is urfu longest and most detailed of the four; if you’re an Urdu student looking to sample the language and style of the text, you might want to read this much, and then move on to other material.

Views Read View source View history. In his famous history of Lucknow composed c. He also published an edition of Haidari’s Tota kahanianother Fort William qissah text. But now comes the new and very interesting and mostly enjoyable part of the present project: Other than inserting the [S: Second, they illustrate the attitudes and values of their British colonial time and place, sometimes enjoyably and sometimes quite unpleasantly.

In that work, the text I was chiefly studying was the dastan par excellence in Urdu: They are candid and frank. Bagh-o-bahar ya’ni qissah-e chahar darveshedited, with an introduction and a glossary, by Maulvi ‘Abdul Haq Delhi: We see in Bagh-o-bahar a famous and in many ways representative example of the Persian-Urdu qissah tradition.


Bagh-o-Bahar ebooks 6 by Mir Amman | Rekhta

And that too in a language that is almost entirely comprehensible even today. Unlike many of his co-religionists from his class who grudged British rule, he shed his inhibitions and joined an amqn created by the East India Company. Deeply engrossed in classical Urdu literature with a perfect eye for grammar, prosody and rhetoric, Suhail Abbas was just the right fellow for the job.

But then, Bagh-o-Bahar is not a historian’s uurdu or a chronicle of contemporary events. It has since run into many editions and regaled readers of all generations and in most parts of the country.

Bagh O Bahar Pdf Unicode

This page has been accessed 1, times. Yet they meet, chat and share their experiences without fear or inhibition. There aren’t too many of these, for in fact Forbes uses almost all Smith’s notes, though often in substantially reworked forms.

Where Forbes refers in one note to another note, I’ve re-identified the second note appropriately and provided a suitable hyperlink. Everything I’ve said above amounts to a revisiting and pulling-together of things I’ve been working on for years.

The structure of the tales, as indeed the narrative, is woven around themes of humanity, tolerance, kindness, benevolence and charity. Please note that I haven’t compared Maulvi ‘Abdul Haq’s text with the original Hagh William edition, so I’m presenting his Urdu text as a primary source in its own right. Since bhar the edition Forbes omits meeer of Smith’s notes, reworks others, and adds many new ones, it’s reasonable to conclude that all the notes in the edition are endorsed or sponsored by Forbes, so I’ve taken them broadly as his.