DownloadBedini energizer building manual pdf. Free Download 8 42 a. When ready, you should get a confirmation. Travis Outlaw – Amnesty Clause hey, my. REPLICATE THE BEDINI RADIANT CHARGING PHENOMENON .. BUILDING THE FRAME. UPDATED COIL WINDING INSTRUCTIONS BY LEE. . list of materials required to replicate the Bedini School Girl energizer. and testing the Bedini Monopole Mechanical Oscillator Energizer with Simplified that the beginner reads this manually thoroughly before starting to build.

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The wires or bus rods in yellow show the radiant energy flow. It takes a second or two for the meter to register. The Kitty Hawk uses a large wirecoil. If you can build ityourself with a different layout great!

Mark those two ends with tape. Scrape all theway around. But if they are in series then they bothcharge independent of each other. And I reconfirm that fact every time I start my car.

There is no significant current going to the batteries in this system. Lincoln R60 welding rods work well. And at the right side it goes to the expansion port. There will be two wires per post on this connector.

Bedini-Energizer-Building-Manual Pages 1 – 32 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

If you look closelyyou can see the second set of magnets. But no matter what I have done, even soaking in gasoline for two weeks, thosebearings are useless for my rotors.

It has a place for a bearing in the center. The last connection is the radiant output.



Give it a strong spin! That is why we huilding they work, we have built bdini. Even though youmay be sure the wires are connected properly sometimes it works the other way around. Bedini has made this patent information freely available and given enerbizer anyone to build one of these systems for their own use. Buiilding connections from top to bottom are trigger positive, input negative or ground, input 20 positive and the radiant output or positive output.

It makes no difference which one is where. The base is made of a non magnetic material. Thegreater the speed the greater the trigger current to the transistors. The last connector on the right is the positive leg of the trigger winding. The magnets on the rotor all have the north poles facing out.

The electronic parts can be purchased from www. Between the 47 ohm resistor and the transistor base leg is a small protectiondiode. The magnets used are polarized through the thickness. That turnson the transistor and the coil is energized. That is pretty hefty for a 12volt circuit and they are a bit large.


In the Kitty Hawk Circuit diagram it is the right most We have tried to include all the information needed in this bedinii to tell youwhere to buy the parts, how to put them together and start gaining first hand experiencewith radiant technology. If you have never soldered but would like to try, this is a great place buildinb.

This circuit is our adaptation. Secure it against the shaftsupports with a washer and then another nut. Energzer to theeffects of conventional charging batteries charged with a Bedini energizer show anincreased capacity after repeated charging and they recharge more mamual.


Below is a color coded side view of one of the 4 branch circuits. That way with two wheels you can make two rotors.

It should becentered on the shaft. The picture I haveincluded was made of red oak for beauty and durability since it is a demonstrator unit. The blue bus rod that the large 47 ohm resistors are attached to is on the bottom ofthe board to insulate it from the ground bus and the radiant output bus. See the diagram below.

This is seen as a voltage eneegizer as we measure it with our instruments. Since the rotor and coil are already installed, energozer place a magnet with thesouth pole attached to the other end of the coil. You will only need one bearing on the outside of each wheel. So we are making theseavailable at a reasonable cost. They are wrappedon a plastic spool and the core is filled with cut welding rods.

And then after all the magnets are glued in position wrap them with 3 layers of 2inch nylon filament reinforced strapping tape.

Of course you need an inverter to change the 12 volts DC to volts AC, the same that comes from your wall socket in the U.