Bernadette Mayer’s «Midwinter Day»: Dream of the («Extra»)Ordinary. 1. Imagining her self or, more specifically, how words have the power to give texture and. Midwinter Day [Bernadette Mayer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Perhaps Bernadette Mayer’s greatest work, Midwinter Day was written. I had an idea to write a book that would prove the day like the dream has everything in it.” — Bernadette Mayer, Midwinter Day Today marks.

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There is a sense of relief that the poem is both finished and the writer can sleep as well as relief that the family has avoided death on this long night. Language has the power ray mould and disrupt. Couldn’t finish this one though it came highly recommended from a poetry group to which I belong.

The act of creating this book brings value to the work of motherhood and provides a standard for future mothers who struggle under the same constraints of finding time and energy for their creative aspects as well as their family demands. There is never a shift in perspective that tries to dissolve midwitner narrator or that tries to move too far away from the experiment at hand. Since everyone has, every one, one shade, And you but one, can every shadow lend With the children asleep, the writers forego sleep sacrificing their literal dreams for the writing world.

The child is described in terms comparable to a mythic creature, as choleric as Circe or Athena: Written is six parts, it is an epic poem about daily routine and takes us from awakening, emerging through dreams to the whole day, and then back to dreams again. The book is a long poem that was supposedly written in one day, on Midwintter 22,and is a moment by moment account of her day that beautifully captures her internal experience of each moment from pre-waking dreams to ordinary events of the day, and back to dreams again – but it is much more than that.


Review – Bernadette Mayer, ‘Midwinter Day’

The point is that it is about one day, from waking up from dreams to going to the post office, to lunch, dinner, putting the kids to sleep, and back to sleep and dreams. Their use of language allows them to shape their world in the same way that Mayer uses language to shape the world of the poem.

Aug 29, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Often, after a year or so, it becomes one of my favourite works. Like Ulysses, each of its six parts is written in a slightly different style. This isn’t confessional is as much a testament to choosing to use many pens to document life, the town’s life, her memory’s life, and the world’s life circa View all 5 comments.

Someone else said I was no longer a true experimentalist.

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bernadette Mayer’s syntactically-scrambled sentences, when read a little more closely, have a tendency for exploding outwards in waves of heavy, focused meaning. The subject matter of the poem is not only an original exploration led by Mayer into the realms of motherhood and domestic turmoil, but it is also an example of the need to use what eay at hand to spark the creative writing force.

Midwinter Day

The entire poem is a metaphor for a house with no doors or a day that exists outside of time, frozen where death cannot find the family that Mayer has immortalized with her words. Instead of choosing one form in favor of another, Mayer is consistent in her attempt to include all. But again, her heart was in the right place.

Instead of separating the categories of child rearing and poetry, Mayer attempts to merge the two since the combination reveals a more accurate portrayal of life. That is, provided you’re the kind of person who reads Paradise Lost for aesthetic pleasures.

This is precisely what Mayer does throughout Midwinter Day. The dream segment bernadegte fantastic.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Dec 16, Ann rated it liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Smashing the confines of the short lyric poem, Midwinter Day features a dizzying variety of forms, moving from disjunctive free verse, to strangely antiquated rhymed quatrains, to long-lined stanzas, to rambling prose paragraphs, and back again to poetry—with different sections of the poem and of the day corresponding to different poetic modes.


At least to me. She writes stream of conscious and does it well.

By part five, you’re there with her watching your daughter’s dance and wondering where this all fits into the whol Midwinter Day is an epic poem that describes the events of one Midwinter Day, from dreams in the morning to thoughts at night. On December 22,midwiter young American poet Bernadette Mayer undertook an unusual experiment that she had been planning for weeks.

Instead of choosing one form in favor of another, Mayer is consistent in her attempt to include all. This is a long poem all in one day. The reader then is forced to be an interloper, peeking at lines that were meant to be shared exclusively by others.

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Review – Bernadette Mayer, ‘Midwinter Day’ – third year poetry project

Mayer engages once again in a self conscious examination of the writing life. In between, not much else happens: Within this letter Mayer superimposes colors over the words or letters; this is the most common form of synesthesia which attaches a visual spectrum to particular words Cytowic For the same reason, Mayer frequently weaves the language of her children directly into the fabric of the text, delighting in the strange poetry that crackles in the ordinary speech of kids—a tactic that will be picked up by later poets of motherhood: Similar to Studying Hunger and Memory, this book has a somewhat more lyrical bent.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Is this book a poem, a memoir or a psychological experiment?