The boys recited the Brahmaarpanam mantra before partaking the food. After the mantra was recited, Dr. Baranowski again took pictures of the food. This time, a. Bhojan Mantra MP3 Song by Anup Jalota from the Sanskrit movie Om Veday Namah. Download Bhojan Mantra song on and listen Om Veday.

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Baranowski was also there and was invited for lunch.

भोजन मंत्र हिंदी अर्थ सहित – Bhojan Mantra in Sanskrit With Meaning in Hindi

God is That which is to be attained by him who performs action pertaining to God. He who thus sees that Brahman is action reaches Brahman alone. After the mantra was recited, Dr. We should partake food with a malayalaj pure, serene mind. The act of offering is God.

Brahmārpañaṃ: Significance of Food Prayer | Sathya Sai International Organisation

Skip to main content. At that time, only about boys were there. On one of the days, Uncle Prahlad Rao gave a talk and he covered the potency of the food mantra stated below. This time, a blue aura was found around the plates of food. Prayer cleanses the food of the three impurities caused by the absence of cleanliness of the vessel, cleanliness of the food stuff, and cleanliness in the process of cooking. Hence, it is essential on our part to offer food to God in the form of prayer so that these three impurities do not afflict our mind.


Swami said that the Brahmaarpanam mantra is a very powerful mantra and that after recitation, the food is converted to prasadam, since it has been offered to God.

Amntra ancestors recommended the offering of food to God before partaking. It is not possible to ensure the purity of the cooking malayalwm because we do not know what thoughts rage in the mind of the man who prepares the food. Since God exists in the form of fire as Vaishwanara, He digests the food along with the impurities.

My plenary portion as the digesting fire. The sumptuous food was laid out on plates in front of the boys. Baranowski then used his Kirlian camera and took photos of the food laid out on the plates. The boys were waiting for Swami to come and join them.

By God it is offered into the Fire malayala, God. Baranowski again took pictures of the food. He was excited, but, having a scientific mind, asked Swami for the reason for the blue aura around the food. It further purifies the food and all items around it.

That is why the blue aura was found around the plates of food after the mantra was recited. No aura was found around the plates of ,alayalam.


Daily Prayers to Bhagwan, compiled by Smt. The food thus offered to God is digested by ‘Vaishwanara” in the digestive system. The oblation is God. Significance of Food Prayer.

Bhojan Mantra

So, man will not be affected even if the impurities enter the food. Food so partaken becomes prasad consecrated offering.

It is necessary to get rid of these three impurities to purify the food, for pure food goes into the making of a pure mind. The boys recited the Brahmaarpanam mantra before partaking the food. Similarly, we cannot ensure the cleanliness of the food ingredients because we malsyalam not know whether it was acquired in a righteous way by the person who sold it to us. In the early days 70s if I recallSwami had asked all the Brindavan campus college boys to join Him for lunch.

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Later, Swami arrived and joined the boys for lunch.