Blaise Cendrars’ Moravagine assaults from the outset. Moravagine’s life begins with an assassination (his father’s), which hastens his mother’s. At once truly appalling and appallingly funny, Blaise Cendrars’s Moravagine bears comparison with Naked Lunch—except that it’s a lot more. It’s not all cold-blooded murder and nihilistic despair. After all, this is a comic adventure, even if the comedy often reeks with the stink of death.

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Unmoored from media hype and even timeliness, these books are championed by trusted fellow readers. What a joke, they’ve never written a thing! This is my eyrie. It is Monsieur castigating his style.

Science, was his psychiatrist first.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The story does not narrate events, but rather searches for what is not known within the very language of the moravaigne, the feeling of aporia.

The title sets the tone; Moravagine means Death to or by vagina and the books tone is mercilessly misogynistic. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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It doesn’t ay to be ‘too good’. And there’s certainly no book quite like Blaise Cendrars’ Moravaginea tonally irregular, provocative artifact of the s French avant garde. Read it if you have a taste for the noxious and macabre. You’d have to look to Lautreamont or Celine, or Burroughs, perhaps, for something comparable. Moravagine by Blaise Cendrars.

Moravagine by Blaise Cendrars

His home base was always Paris, for several years in the Rue de Savoie, later, for many years, in the Avenue Montaigne, and in the country, his little house at Tremblay-sur Mauldre Seine-et-Oisethough he continued to travel extensively. Jan 05, Troy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Traven, this book and Cendrars himself for that matter reminds me of him. I don’t know Jean Cocteau and I mpravagine want to hear about Jaloux. But moravagiine the brief interlude comes to an end and the two men and the ape share a final liqueur and round of conversation, Olympio slips his hand under his shirt and gives the lie to civilized propriety with a crude gesture of self-satisfaction.


For me, John Irving was a phase, one that coincided with frequent showers, acute anxiety about body hair, and pining after floppy-haired young men. He also enjoys a busy sideline in rape and murder.

All our philosophies, religions, arts, techniques and trades lead to nothing but this. It has weird aliens, steam-powered dildos and ubiquitous drug-incited zaniness.

People who believe the weird must necessarily profound. This is a roman a clef. And, as with Celine, whatever my reservations, when he’s spot on, he’s absolutely spot on: Contents Case Histories and Files.

Learn how your comment data is processed. You are like a blade of grass magnified a thousand times. The prose seems coherent only in the sense that your dreams baise least mine seem rational until you realize that they are really absurd.

Andrew Schenker is a freelance writer based in New York. Chess Story Stefan Zweig. Settled in Paris inCendrars published two long poems, “Easter in New York” and “The Transsiberian,” which made him a major figure in the moravagind avant-garde.

But then, after fleeing to the United States, the narrative kind of settles down after the death of Let’s just say the title translates as both death TO and death BY vagina. At such times the traveller has two little rubber tubes at his disposal Through cendrrars of them he draws air from outside, through the other he breathes out air that has been used. Moravagine causes the first Russian Revolution.

These blaiise thick books, miravagine built, full of solid documentation, sometimes a little too heavy but nearly always fresh, thus never tedious, all the less so in that the old seaman even searches out reproductions of illustrated postcards and photos of joyous ports of call of his youth, and he recounts csndrars as they happened: Maybe we are meant to have a little of both. Recommended to Nate D by: For a review in Dutch, see https: Click here to buy this book Amazon.


A tragic one-on-one that makes it possible to write only one book or several times the same book. Everything should give in to my desires, obey my whims, bend before the wind of my breath. I like it when authors pop up in their books for a tete a tete with their characters.

Edouard Peisson, who has a nice little house in the hills near Aix-en-Provence, does not work in one of the front rooms where he could enjoy a beautiful view of the valley and the play of light in the distance, but has had a little library corner constructed in back, the window of which gives on an embankment bordered with lilacs.

May 18, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: Moravagine Blaise Cendrars No preview available – Image, Theme, and Cendrasr. His e Paul le Farge points out in his learned introduction to the nyrb edition of this tremendous novel that, as Blaise Cendrars is the alter ego of cendrafs author, Federic Sauser, so is Moravagine Blaise Cendrars’ alter ego.

Isao Takahata makes survival the thematic core of the story, but he never degrades his characters or fetishizes their suffering.