Buy a cheap copy of Blood Forever book by Mari Mancusi. Sunny and Rayne McDonald have had their lives turned upside down thanks to the Blood Coven. Blood Forever is the final installment of the Blood Coven series that centered around the fairy princess, Sunny and vampire fairy princess and. Release date September 1, (fantasy, young adult). In the latest Blood Coven Vampire novel, twin sisters Sunny and Rayne McDonald will.

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You’ve got 50 pages. I was really looking forward to Rayne’s point of view, but it was mostly Sunny’s which wasn’t exactly enjoyable considering that I loved Rayne as a character but Sunny was just horrible to me. Honestly I gave this book three stars only because the author made it the last book of the series, thus saving me from having to read any more.

Vampire Diaries was mentioned too. I’m a little ashamed at how much I loved this series. I will miss Sunny and Rayne, and all the adventures they foreveg But moving on from that there were a lot of things i though to be kind of stupid, like Magnus after listening that Rayne was actually Sunny but kept calling her Rayne, the constant use of the “Oh, Sunny or Oh, Rayne” is kind of annoying coming nancusi of a thousand year old vampires.

Mari has written the female protagonists with much character that anyone can sure relate to.

Forgot how she could be a complete idiot. Sad that this is the last book in the series, but I’m glad that she’s not falling prey to ofrever temptation to keep a series going longer than it should just to make money I can think of so many examples that it hurts!

AND I plead the fifth. Return to Book Page. Blood Mark is the final installment of the Blood Coven series that centered around the fairy princess, Sunny and vampire fairy princess and the vampire slayer, Rayne.


I loved that they had to work to get Magnus and Jareth to fall in love with them again. Goodie Gumdrops bblood though i hate the other part of the book i still love it due to the undying Love and unexpected ups and turns of the characters. In the final installment of the Blood Coven series, Rayne and Sunny find themselves back at the beginning thanks to Rayne’s favor from Hades.

In this book, Rayne make a deal with Hades to turn back time to the start of the first book and thus avoiding Sunny’s death all over. I groaned when I got to the part of the Project Z. After making a deal with the devil, Rayne and Sunny have been given the chance to go back in time — preventing that fateful night when Sunny was bitten by Magnus from ever happening. I normally roll my eyes when series end with a forced happily-ever-after, but I wouldn’t have wanted this to end any other way.

There was only one problem with tis book There was mancuwi a mistake where Sunnys mom calls her Sunny in front of Magnus but he continues to call her Rayne??

Blood Forever

Thank goodness the madness is over! Cause you see, Magnus is, I believe within earshot to hear Sunny’s Mom saying her name. I do believe he was to live he may not mancuai been a danger to the human race because he liked the humans and was friends with them.

As a whole, it’s an enjoyable end to the series.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Rayne in the other hand doesn’t show much characterization as Sunny did but her new time with Jareth has some funny and quirky moments. I wasn’t disappointed when I read and gotten into book 8 of the Blood Coven Vampire Series, at first it took me awhile, maybe at least two years, and I finally finish it.

It just became like a Post Apocalyptic world with all those zombies. Blood Forever was absolutely amazing! When not writing about creatures of the night, Mari enjoys traveling, cooking, goth clubbing, watching cheesy horror movies, and her favorite guilty pleasure–videogames.


Both girls become vampires to stay by the side of their bloodmates forever. Seriously I read it and was like, are you kidding me!

Blood Forever by Mari Mancusi

But I did get happy though when Bertha died for the second time; Karma’s a mother chicken huh? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

It has the sass and the smarts and the snark all rolled up into one tightly controlled coffin that may be on the verge of exploding. Thank god she stayed as a vampire if she didn’t then she had to be jealous of Jane again and have feelings for Jayden as well.

Part of me would like there to be more books in the series, but I’m also kind of glad it’s over. But besides those two things, I really enjoyed the book!

Most especially that Sunny did it right this time.

Blood Forever (Blood Coven, book 8) by Mari Mancusi

With death threat hovering, she went to search for her sister and it turned out to be a trap. Sunny and Rayne swear to stay Vampire Free this time, but that doesn’t last long when Sunny goes to Rayne’s vampire certification class to see Magnus and Rayne goes to Club Fang to get a glimpse of Jareth.

Sep 03, Mar rated it really liked it Shelves: To reclaim their lives, Sunny and Rayne team up to figure out a way to change history for the better. Will Rayne ever be with Jareth again? But as a fun teenage book to read, you could do no mancusl with this book.