Bloodfever: Fever Series Book 2 [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I used to be. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I used to be your average, everyday girl but all that changed one night in Dublin when I saw my first Fae, and got dragged into. Bloodfever is the second part of the Fever urban fantasy series by Karen Marie Moning. It starts immediately after the end of Darkfever and it makes virtually no.

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But that is all there is to him. Where to begin with the disappointment? We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Too many things happening, too many twists and revelations, too much information.

But the way Mariw feel in general about Jericho Zigor Barrons, or as I like to call him, J-Ziggy, is best summed up with this bloodfefer articulate rant: If someone told me that they could protect me no matter what and all it took was a small inconspicuous tattoo, and that someone was as capable of protection as Jericho, that shit would be on my skin faster than he could tell me to hold still.

She’s worried bloodfevr harming humans, but when is she going to understand that the creatures she’s destroying are doing the same thing and she’s actually preventing harm more than she’s causing? That is exactly what is happening with me here.

I majorly dislike V’lane as a character he totally creeps me out and the relationship between Barrons and Mac, while entertaining and full of snark, is just not progressing at all.

High Voltage Karen Marie Moning. How was I supposed to believe that a superficial, Barbie-looking, silly girl would turn into one of the most awesome butt kicking heroines out there? Bloodfever Karen Marie Moning.


And if so, I feel kind of bad about giving a low rating because of my own misaligned expectations. I’m either going to kill Barrons sooner or later, or do very, very, very naughty The second installment of Bloodfever is intense, powerful, dramatic and clever. Ah who cares, I just wanted to think about him. I think B,oodfever might confuse some of both books together if I try to summarize it for anyone. For now we are at a standstill, because you and I want the same thing for very different reasons, I because I love her and you because you have use of her — And while Monijg might agree that being needed for use is better than being needed as a woman, you are a jackass for saying that but if you step a toe out of line and further endanger her unnecessarily I may cut a bitch, you feel me?

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning | : Books

Yes, Bloodfever was a pretty awesome read. On the contrary, I felt that he was rather abusive. But right now, unless my reading buddy group dragged me or persuaded me with arguments too powerful to resist, Monjng am NOT getting Book 3 or any other book in the series. The southern belle thing is wearing on me in that she’s innocent and doe-eyed to every situation she encounters.

I can’t bloodfevre she is a total badass yet but we’re slowly getting there. Actually I could easily downgrade Darkfever to a 2. There is nothing endearing about him, or lovable, or empathetic, or thrilling; nothing that humanizes him, or makes him worthy of hero status. A lot of interesting things happen in this, lots of little things, that will prove to all add up as the byy go on. Will there be some sort of sexual release for either of them?!

It’s funny to read my original review because it looks like I was already having Barrons-angst because I thought he wasn’t in it enough. They’re both insanely gorgeous, immortal, want a lowly human woman who has marke powers, and view humans as tools to further their goals. I think the violence had turned him on. There has to be a better way to integrate this into the novel. Why is she changing? She is still living monng Barron’s house.


All you’ll be getting from me is another episode in the Fever Freak’s Facts of Life abridged version. Iced Karen Marie Moning. Make up your mind woman!


I am not convinced that even the American readers need a remainder that Great Britain, where Mac travels on some point, consists of more than one island. I skimmed over a lot of parts. Are they eventually going to be love interests for one another? This is not a romance series, has no or very few sex scenes but you can certainly feel the chemistry, the heat, the sizzle between him and Mac.

Every kaaren in this review is a spoiler or a mindfuck.

Bloodfever (Fever #2) by Karen Marie Moning (2 star ratings)

All in all, a great book. I still think she kicks ass, just give your parents some credit! I didn’t see them coming either.

The writing is, as always, stylish and immersive.

It doesn’t change their relationship at all. I am not really sure which was worse since the things I hated about them were different. Katen she is staring her vision started to change and she saw a man in decay with a foul odor, which she learns to be the Gray Man preying on a victim. I am left deeply unsatisfied after reading it.