Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence is a book written by Jaswant Singh, a former Finance Minister of India and an External Affairs Minister, on Pakistan’s. Excerpts from Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Singh, the veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader whose views on the. In an interview on the eve of the launch of his book on Jinnah, Singh took a divergent stand from the Sangh as well as popular Indian.

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Jaswant Singh’s Jinnah appears like a small promontory in a sea of historical rehash and repetition.

Finally finished this tome after 18 months of picking it up and putting it down. BOTH decision and timing are scarcely believable and will surely give more ammunition to those quarters denouncing Oct 28, Aziz Khan is currently reading it Shelves: Jinnah has forever been painted as the villain of India’s partition inthe man who stabbed the Indians in the back and walked away with a fifth of the ancient country’s landmass.

Jinnah was a great man: Jaswant Singh | India News – Times of India

Aug 18, Lucky Zm added it. It then moves on to Jinnah, his early life, contrasting his approach with Mahatma Gandhi. One may agree to Jaswant Singh’s opinions in the book or not but indeed it is an honest en devour for which Mr Singh must be appreciated and recognized.

This book is well worth a read since it is largely objective, though it is also boring in parts and could have been much crisper and a lot more readable. Jinnah, though flawed in some important issues, should always be r Its a good book,certainly not onn the ‘great’ category,but good and to the point.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The author jinnaah portrays a civil image of the person and comfortably omits the kn that this idiot called jinnhaha took money from the Balochs to fight their case for vook and later on when he became the governor general of porkistan, attacked balochistan and acceded it forcefully to the state of porkistan.


Iqbal Jassat is an acclaimed writer, analyst and commentator and one of the founder members of MRN. Also what now of Pakistan?

This is an honest book, and one that deserves the highest praise. Reading this books took me down the memory lane, when I was a student in college and had a pretty heavy subject of Pakistan Studies.

The book is actually quite bala When this book was published, it created a massive controversy for Jaswant Singh, when the BJP leadership immediately sidelined him for writing a book assumed to glorify Jinnah. Read this book slowly and try to observe every single event.

Key excerpts from Jaswant Singh’s book | india | Hindustan Times

It’s one thing to speak of Nehru’s ‘virulent’ dislike of Jinnah, but quite another to use it as a double-edged weapon to serve the ends of recorded history and, at the same time, project Jinnah in an unflattering light. Jinnah died too soon after the formation of Pakistan, leading to a nation devoid of a soul which it was only just forming where minorities face an uncertain future in the face of rising religious extremism.

Even after 70 years same kind of politics continues to be played. Jaswant Singh proceeds in a gentle manner, clearly unfolding the events of the times. Review by Iqbal Jassat. Author writes about history of Muslims and India in brief and about birth and childhood of Jinnah in few pages.

Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence

He also had no love lost for the Muslims. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Jaswant Singh believes that for the return of lasting peace in South Asia there is no alternative but sinyh first understand what made it ‘abandon’ us in the first place. Thus, his kind of Islamic fundamentalism was just a tool to embarrass jinnnah Congress with Gandhi and Nehru in Particular by carving a seperate nation called Pakistan.

The real gist of this book is that partition can be avoided if Nehru and congress had agreed on federal form of govt rather than unitary form of govt with strong centre.

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Gives details on how lopsided were discussions on even dramatic decisions like dividing country. How true it is for all types of reservations. May 22, Humayun khan Ladhuka rated it it was amazing. As far as I know Jinnah was as not a religious man in personal life.

Open Preview See a Problem? Pakistan is once again at a critical juncture of political transition.

jaaswant The book is very well researched and the analyses quite objective. How much better it would have been had the offer of the Cripps commission in to establish a united India as a Federation, reserving the right for states to get out after some time if their population so voted, than the vivisection along religious lines that so fractured the nation and let to eternal strife between the countries.

He ate pork, drank wine and it is widely believed that his counterpart Mahatma Gandhi knew more verses of Qoran than him. Currently he o Darjeeling parliamentary constituency in the 15th Lok Sabha.

The portions where Mahatma Gandhi questions him about what will happen to minorities in the new nation of Pakistan, leads Jinnah to claim that they will be taken care of. It’s one thing to speak of Nehru’s ‘virulent’ dislike of Jinnah, but quite another to use it as jaswanf double-edged weapon to serve the ends of recorded history and, at the same time, project Jinnah in an unflattering and light.

Inauguration ceremony of Mohmand dam postponed. The British considered him as a rabid extremist with the result that he was everywhere but nowhere. IN his controversial book Jinnah India — Parition — Independence, Jaswant Singh writes that, ‘Jinnah was potentially kind, but in behaviour extremely cold and distant.