Brand Blanshard, emeritus Sterling professor of philosophy at Yale University, is the leading rationalist on the contemporary Anglo-American scene. A graduate. Brand Blanshard. Wisdom in its broadest and commonest sense denotes sound and serene judgment regarding the conduct of life. It may be accompanied by a. Manchester University, Brand Blanshard. Lord Macaulay once recorded in his diary a memorable attempt—his first and apparently also.

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If you were to cover a stretch of a hundred pages in either Plato or Aristotle, which would you find more inviting?

Brand Blanshard |

This page was btand edited on 1 Octoberat The case against them is that they are ugly misshapen verbal abortions. But it can be noted of these thinkers, as it was of Marcus Aurelius, that their standing as purveyors or exemplars of wisdom bears no fixed relation to their eminence as philosophers. Similarly, whether an action is right or wrong depends, at least in part, on the results that it produces in the way of good and evil, and these results can be taken into account only by one who looks before he leaps.

The resulting report was published as a substantial book, Philosophy in American Education. I do not know why a biolog-ist, presenting a paper on a technical point to colleagues, should not write in a way as unintelligible as he pleases to those outside the circle, provided it is no obstacle to those blansharf. Fortunately, Freud and others have shown that these irrational factors can be tracked down and blanxhard neutralized.

We are assured on good authority that the impromptu letters of Sir Thomas Browne are astonishingly common-place and those of Flaubert even shockingly faulty, showing how much their more formal writings owed to mere pains. The point we are making has been made by Hazlitt, and since Hazlitt was a man with an ear, we may profit by knowing how he put it: If one wants to avoid such writing, the best aid is H. The two are different and seem at times to fall apart. I follow him far enough to own that I like, in my philosophers, some responsiveness of mood to matter.

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Hendel had known Brand from their collaboration on the Commission on Philosophy that the Board of Officers of the American Philosophical Association had appointed to report on the function of philosophy in a well-thought-out program of liberal education and in the life of a free society.

In Francis Blanshard set out for the West in search of better health leaving his blanshagd sons to be cared for by their grandmother. The decisions of a wise judge may be implicitly freighted with experience and reflection, even though neither may be consciously employed in the case before him. Of greater personal significance than getting to know Dewey and some other brilliant thinkers than teaching at Columbia—Brand singled out William P. Moreover, this Blanshad universe as a whole—he held to be the only true ” particular “, all elements within it being ultimately resoluble into specific ” universals ” properties, relations, or combinations thereof that might be given identically in more than one context.

Retrieved nlanshard ” https: Yes, undoubtedly, if one has been able to surrender oneself to it uncritically.

Views Read Edit View history. Some philoso-phers write to plan and scale; their heads and subheads are worked out in advance, and they follow them as a lawyer does his brief. Contemporary formulation of the coherence theory of truth [3]. Persistently obscure writers will usually be found to be defective human beings. They even have some good writers on their side.

In he was elected as an Honorary Fellow of Merton College. But consider how impossible all this is in philosophic writing. Back to Blanshard page. He completed his rationalist program with the trilogy, Reason and GoodnessReason and Analysisand Reason and Belief All this seems to be true.

I said that in respect to clearness, empiricists come out on the whole better than rationalists. Hard as philosophy is, there have been writers who have actually succeeded in making it intel-ligible and even exciting, not to the excep-tionally gifted alone, but to a wide public.

Some philosophers of an empirical turn have speculated helpfully on what their advantage consists in. The trouble is that it belongs to the literature of know-ledge, but that people demand of it all the virtues of the literature of power.

Brand Blanshard

branf Now for those who read solely through the eye, rhythm, which is addressed to the era, must be of small concern. And it must btand conceived as a response of man’s nature as a whole. We must admit, therefore, that a philosopher can do without it; and since we are saying so much about style today, let me underline this remark by way of keeping or sense of proportion. They have been told that he is a man of very great knowledge, presenting a subject that is deep, dark, and difficult; and when he reaches his impressively incomprehensible close, they may tiptoe respectfully out, reflecting a little sadly that in spite of their interest blansard effort, these matters blansnard quite beyond them.


Both components in the language are important; we could not do without either. It seems to me that it ought to be possible to explain a true theory of metaphysics in words that I can understand.

Of course, both vary greatly in their sensitive-ness to rhythm. We have studied this revolt in the theological line barnd runs from Luther through Kierkegaard to Brunner and Barth, and seen that it is self-destructive.

Of course a man can write effectively if he is allowed to ride a high horse over qualifications and inconsistencies, and puff a case to twice its size by overstatement. How easy it is to say that!

He defended a strong doctrine of internal relations. Again, the individual may similarly profit from the increasing age of brnad race; since knowledge is cumulative, he can stand on the shoulders of his predecessors. That is the only secret of style. Conduct prompted merely by impulse or desire is notoriously likely to be misguided, and this holds true of both intellectual and practical conduct.

Secondly, because they feel these issues to be so important practically and emotionally, they are not contented unless the philosopher shows some sense of this too. At Yale, he served as chairman of the Department of Philosophy for many years. I quote a single fairly typical sentence: But philosophy, while an impersonal subject, is thought and written by persons.