The book is made of two parts: the first one is a detailed exploration of the litterature around Pasteur’s rise from obscurity to fame and of the corresponding. The Pasteurization of France [Bruno Latour, Alan Sheridan, John Law] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What can one man accomplish. The pasteurization of France: Bruno Latour, translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London: Harvard University Press.

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It was not always convenient to follow Bouchardat’s prudent advice to physicians assisting at births to wait several days before doing so again.

The pasteurization of France

It was to try to distinguish retrospectively what had been in- tentionally confused. However, what Latour tries to investigate is neither that society simply constructs the natural reality nor that nature determines social conditions. The French analysts do not even hesitate. Maybe we frznce write on how the medical and biological sciences could have dominated and controlled the diseases and the bacteria.

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Peter has been described as an obscurantist buffoon, but he was the only one to put up any kind of a fight against Pasteur’s medical coup d’etat.

Yet Pasteur was not the only scientist frwnce on the relationships of microbes and disease.


What intentions and what interest will we attribute to them? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It has no central argument.

Steps could be taken, of course, but against what? But to explain even a radical difference by a break “in time” is to explain nothing at all. On October 2, after Kutuzov had been forced to act against his better judgment, his signed order kept being diverted.

Such a view is no more tenable than is the statement that Kutuzov defeated Napoleon. They must francr cleaned out. We can see why nobody, even today, can seriously question the contribution of bacteriology.

This im- mense reservoir of energy was a force of the kind demanded by Tol- stoy, one that was commensurate to the social body itself. Linked Data More info about Linked Data.

After the Pas- teurians have invaded surgery, only then will the surgeon be alone with his patient. August 20, at 7: For example, the presence of the microbe redefined the meaning of individual liberty: Network of alliances is what produces results in science 7. After the style of the hy- gienists could be recognized at a glance. Noson, an unhealthy, stinking town, was “superseded” and “anachronistic.

The pasteurization of France (Book, ) []

Would that it were! Yet they added something of their own, something that seemed essential to those who adopted it in order to pursue their own projects of sani- pasteurziation. The microbes want to multiply. Agnosticism in matters of science is the only way to start without being trapped on one side of the many wars being fought by the guardians of science’s borders.


They were everywhere, but were everywhere weak, and we know how many epidemics, how many outbreaks of typhus, cholera, yellow fever, got through those ill- defended frontiers. For that, you need soldiers.

Full text of “Bruno Latour The Pasteurization Of France ( )”

This displacement of the best-intentioned actions is truly discouraging: They claim to be acting on food, urbanism, sexuaUty, education, the army. Without a complete resurrection of the great French science of former times, there is no frannce salvation”p. Cholera is no respecter of Mecca, but it enters the intestine of the hadji; the gas bacillus has nothing against the woman in childbirth, but it requires that she die. With a powerful disinfectant, silver nitrate.

This critique on the non moderns seems to me the most important part of Latour, because everything else he does is creating an alternative starting from this critique eg. This is the same problem that each actor has to confront.