Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods. Budd Hopkins, Author Random House (NY) $ (p) ISBN Budd Hopkins’ book ‘ Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods’ investigated the claims of a number of alleged alien. Budd Hopkins, Writer: Intruders. Budd Hopkins was born on June 15, in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA as Elliott Budd Hopkins. He is known for his work on.

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Budd Hopkins – IMDb

The Trickster and the Paranormal has a chapter with new information and analysis of the case. Click here to find how to order the book. Butler, and George P. Budd Hopkins has made a budv of public presentations of a purported UFO abduction case with multiple witnesses.

The primary abductee is Linda Napolitano, who lives in an apartment building on the lower east side of Manhattan New York City.

She claims to have been abducted by extraterrestrial aliens from her 12th floor apartment in November It is claimed that three witnesses in a car two blocks away observed Linda and alien beings float out of a window and ascend into a craft. It is also claimed that a woman on the Brooklyn Bridge observed the abduction. Linda has reported nose bleeds, and one X-ray displays an implant in her nose. We have made use of that information as well as records from other presentations, and we have interviewed the abductee.

A number of serious questions arose from our examination. The case has many exotic aspects, intduders we have identified a science fiction novel that may have served as the basis for elements of the story.

Budd Hopkins

Several prominent leaders in ufology have become involved, and their behavior and statements have been quite curious. Some have aggressively attempted to suppress evidence of a purported attempted murder. The implications for the understanding of ufology are discussed. His efforts have been instrumental in stimulating both media attention and scientific research devoted to the problem.

He has written two popular books Missing Time, and Intruders, established intrudeers Intruders Foundation, and has made innumerable appearances at conferences and in the media. Hopkins has collaborated with university professors in co-authoring an article in the book Unusual Personal Experienceswhich was sent tomental health professionals.

He has testified as an expert witness at a hearing regarding the medical competence of a hopikns who claims to have been abducted McKenna, Because of such strong endorsements and impressive affiliations, and because of his untiring work on behalf of abductees, Hopkins has become the single most visible figure in the UFO abduction field. His contributions, positive or negative, will be quickly noticed by those intruderd and outside ufology. Last year, Hopkins made a number of public presentations about a spectacular UFO abduction case occurring in November and having multiple witnesses.

The primary abductee was Linda Napolitano, a woman living on the 12th floor of a high-rise apartment building intrudeds lower Manhattan New York City bud has previously used the pseudonym “Linda Cortile” in this case]. It is claimed that three witnesses in a car intfuders blocks away observed Linda and three ET aliens emerge from a window and ascend into a craft. Further it is claimed that a woman who was driving across the Brooklyn Bridge also saw the event.

The case has generated enormous interest and drawn international attention. We should expect continuing coverage of the affair not only in the UFO press but also in the major media.

During his lecture at the symposium he stated: They regularly briefed the third author as their investigation iintruders. As the affair became publicized, all three became intrudera about the long term effect it might have on intrucers research. For several years Richard Butler attended Hopkins’ informal meetings organized for abductees and abduction researchers.

Butler became familiar with the case during those meetings, and he invited Stefula to a gathering in early October At the meeting, Hopkins outlined the case, and afterward, Stefula had a chance to chat with Linda about her experiences.


Butler and Stefula gave Linda their telephone numbers. She was advised that if she needed any assistance she could contact them. Stefula told her that he had numerous contacts in federal and state law enforcement agencies that could be of aid to her. The same information was provided to Hopkins.

During that meeting, she asked them not to inform Hopkins of their discussions.

Stefula attended the convention and heard the talk, and disturbing questions arose. Some of the statements directly contradicted what Linda had earlier told Stefula and Butler. We contacted Hopkins in an attempt to resolve these matters, but he declined to meet with us, saying that he didn’t want to discuss the case until his book manuscript was submitted.

Despite his initial reluctance, eventually a meeting was arranged on October 3, at Hopkins’ home, and a few more details then emerged. Linda wrote that she had begun reading his book Intruders and had remembered that 13 years earlier she had detected a bump next to her nose. It was examined by a physician who insisted that she had undergone nasal surgery. Linda claimed that she never had such surgery, and she even checked with her mother, who confirmed that impression.

Linda visited Hopkins and discussed her past experiences with him. She recalled some pertinent earlier events in her life but believed that she was no longer directly involved with any abduction phenomena.

Linda then began attending meetings of Hopkins’ support group for abductees. On November 30,Linda called Hopkins and reported that she had been abducted during the early morning hours of that day, and she provided some details. A few days later, she underwent regressive hypnosis, and Linda remembered floating out of her apartment window, 12 stories above the ground. She recalled ascending in a bluish-white beam of light into a craft which was hovering over the building.

We have no hard evidence that “Richard” and “Dan” actually exist. In order to avoid overburdening the reader, we will typically omit the word “alleged” when mentioning them.

The letter claimed that the two were police officers who were under cover in a car beneath the elevated FDR Drive between 3: Above a high-rise apartment building, they observed a large, bright reddish-orange object with green lights around its side.

They wrote that they saw a woman and several strange figures float out a window and up into the object. Richard and Dan said that they had come across Hopkins’ name and decided to write to him.

They went on to say that they were extremely concerned about her well being, wanted to locate the woman, talk to her, and be assured that she was alive and safe. The two also mentioned that they could identify the building and window from which she emerged.

After receiving the letter, Hopkins promptly called Linda and told her that she might expect a visit from two policemen. A few days later, Linda telephoned Hopkins to tell him that she had been visited by Richard and Dan.

When they had knocked on her door, introducing themselves as police officers, she was not too surprized because she reports that police frequently canvass her apartment complex looking for witnesses to crimes. Even with Hopkins’ prior call, she did not expect Richard and Dan to actually appear.

After they arrived and entered her home, there was an emotional greeting, and they expressed relief that she was alive. However, Richard and Dan were disinclined to meet with or talk to Hopkins, despite the fact that they had written him earlier and despite Linda’s entreaties to do so. Richard asked Linda if it was acceptable for them to write out an account of their experience and then read it into a tape recorder.

Some time thereafter, Hopkins received a letter from Dan giving a bit more information. The letter reported that Richard had taken a leave of absence because the close encounter had been so emotionally traumatic.


Dan also mentioned that Richard secretly watched Linda. At the Portsmouth, New Hampshire conference, Hopkins said that he had received a letter from Richard saying that Dan was forced to take of leave of absence.

It is not clear if Hopkins misspoke at some point, or whether both individuals took leaves of absence. Hopkins received another letter from Dan which said that he and Richard were not really police officers but actually security officers who had been driving a very important person VIP to a helicopter pad in lower Manhattan when the sighting occurred.

The letter claimed that their car stalled, and Richard had pushed it, parking it beneath the FDR Drive. According to Dan, the VIP had also witnessed the abduction event and had become hysterical.

She was asked to get into a car that Dan was driving, but she refused. Richard picked her up and, with some struggle, forced her into the vehicle. She also said that she was forced to remove her shoes so they could examine her feet to determine whether she was an ET alien they later claimed that aliens lack toes. Linda did remember another car being involved with the kidnapping, and under hypnotic regression she recalled the license plate number of that car, as well as part of the number of the car in which she rode.

Hopkins reports that the numbers have been traced to particular “agencies” he gave no further details. She said that she had not and went on to say that the kidnapping was legal because it had to do with national security.

In conversations with Butler in earlyLinda had expressed concerns about her personal safety. A meeting was arranged with Stefula because of his background in law enforcement. During the afternoon and early evening of February 1, the three met in New York City, and Linda described further details of the kidnappings.

She reported that on the morning of October 15,Dan accosted her on the street and pulled her into a red Jaguar sports car. Dan drove to a beach house on the shore of Long Island.

Budd Hopkins – Wikipedia

There he demanded that Linda remove her clothes and put on a white nightgown, similar to the one she wore the night of the abduction. He said he wanted to have sex with her. She refused ingruders then agreed to put on the nightgown over her clothes. Once she did, Dan dropped to his knees and started to hopknis incoherently about her being the “Lady of the Sands. He placed two fingers on the back of her neck, leading Linda to believe that it was a gun.

He then forced her into the water and pushed her head under twice. He continued to rave incoherently, and as her head was being pushed under for the third time, she believed that she would not come up again. Then, a “force” hit Dan and knocked him back onto the beach.

She started to bopkins but heard a sound like a gun being cocked. She looked back and saw Dan taking a picture of her Linda mentioned that pictures from the beach were eventually sent to Hopkins. She continued running, but Richard appeared beside her, seemingly out of nowhere. He stopped her and convinced her to return to the beach house and told her that he would control Dan by giving him a Mickey Finn.

Once inside, Richard put Dan in the shower to wash off the mud and sand from the beach. This gave Linda a chance to search the premises; she recovered her casette tape and discovered stationery bearing a Central Intelligence Agency letterhead.