Fabijonas Saulius Butkus. Vilnius Gediminas F. S. Butkus. number of .. vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organ- izations: Systematic. Vadyba ir valdymas pagal ekonomikos terminų žodyną Vadyba apima planavimą, organizavimą, motyvavimą ir kontrolę organizacijos. Mindaugas Butkus. ORCID Source: Mindaugas Butkus .. ir jį lemiančių veiksnių vertinimasEkonomika ir vadyba: aktualijos ir perspektyvos.

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The author seeks to identify the main factors helping artists to navigate the global art scene and the butkhs art market.

Kaunas, April 8, Email this article Login required. Vilnius, October 2, The Postwar Russian Avant-Garde. Distributed Art Publishes, Accessed August 14, Keywords adolescents attitude communication competence creativity e-learning education family higher education integration learning lifelong learning motivation quality of life student students teacher teachers teaching training values.


The article analyses the problem of school work efficiency. Vilniaus aukciono biblioteka, Alternatyvi bendrojo lavinimo mokykla: Office for standards in education Stid K. Accessed September 15, About Login Register Current Archives. Money and the global art market. Essays on Art Market].

Fabijonas Saulius Butkus (Author of Darbas. Vadyba. Gyvenimas)

Therefore, emerges a need to change the attitude to requirements for efficient school, evaluate the work fields of school as an organization by improving them with regard to the needs of ever-changing society. New York and London: Sign in to annotate.

Creating the Productive Workplace. Bendrojo lavinimo mokyklos veiklos efektyvumo sampratos problema epistomologiniu ir vartojamuoju aspektu.

Accessed August 27, The value of Art. During the continuous changes and reforms, school education in Lithuania is often based on the traditional model of institutional education, which is based on the principles of vafyba, obedience and competitiveness.

Vilnius, October 31,February 28, ; April 9, Meno vadyba verslo stiliumi, [Art Management: Aurum Press Ltd, Email the author Login required.


Vilnius, December 4, Vilnius, April 3, Mokyklos tobulinimo planavimo pagrindai. Key characteristics of effective schools: Vilnius, April 8, and May 18, Arts Management in Lithuania, ]. Accessed August 20, Bouchloh, David Joselit Art Since In the end of the article, conclusions are presented which distinguish the peculiarities of school work efficiency.

Vilniaus Aukciono biblioteka, Leading in a culture of change. Stanford University Press, April 20, May 24,