C Npn Transistor Datasheet Filetype Pdf >>>CLICK HEREC npn transistor datasheet filetype pdf Warren. dsm iv adhd geddy lee. Download, [ C Datasheet PDF Downlaod from ] Low Noise , High Frequncy Amplifer NPN Transistor(高频低噪声放大器NPN晶体 C filetype:pdf, C Matsushita, C Integrated, C availability, C reference . Download, [ C Datasheet PDF Downlaod from ] NPN/NPN resistor-equipped transistors; R1 = k-ohm, R2 = k-ohm C Electronics, C 应用线路, C transformer, C converter, C filetype:pdf .

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Filetypr will step down the voltage and step up the current from a slayer exciter and use it to run a DC motor wirelessly. YouTube – Mopozco’s Channel. I have also replicated the wireless phone charging but i want to do more tests regarding the charge the phone is actually getting. Tell ya though, the fizzz noise as the bolt trznsistor right next to the house was incredible. How about the datsaheet circuit on your video its application???? Have you tried upping the voltage to see if the plama increases?

They relate to plasma problems, being mindful of xee2’s experiences. Just found out that I can’t attach a. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.

Skin effect on receiving coils is interesting, useful as a summer bug zapper maybe.

C945 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

It now has sound to light too, in the form of an energy saver bulb that non to the beats. The wireless field was extended, most probably due to size differences, but it would seem that the coil wire gauges pretty much equate and therefore give the same output of plasma. Last edited by jonnydavro; at The Radio Shack yellow one will come on, but flashes 0.


The new meter I got from Radio Shack a couple of years back needed a 12V non standard battery for which I didn’t have funds, so got used with a wall adapter. My 4″ tower does not do electrolysis as well as my mini exciter with a ferrite core that i got from a crystal radio kit. Mind you, I haven’t seen the voltage or transistor he uses.

Summary fkletype common TO and similar sized NPN transistors Test conditions – ‘Walgreen’ tower of approx turns. I’ll be posting a.

Please post your L1 coil resistance if you can. Could be of major benefit to me too, because if you find something out and I can replicate, we have confirmed data of whatever it is.

C_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

No power for anything else. I then tried another two coils. Plasma output is around 1″ from this larger but same shaped transistor. I do need to fix that situ, so will look at them again today. My Virtua Racing arcade machine got fried then, as did battery rechargers and even things that datasyeet plugged in to the wall.

Find all posts by Slider Last edited by totoalas; at The Nokia phone charger was used for power, as well as a button cell 1. The KNA is another alternative and as used on the speaker experiments rubbish wired as Darlingtons though.


All these measurements were taken whilst using the h from a PC power supply. He’s having much better success than I ever have with aluminium sheets. Originally Posted by Slider Slider and Jim thanks for showing datzsheet Great videos.

Last edited by xee2; at So, audio fidelity – The multi-voltage wall adapter had a KBP rectifier and uF 16V capacitor added to smooth the output both found on a PC monitor circuitboard. YouTube – radiant-energy Replicators please totoalas. That is the only difference I can think of between our circuits. That may f945 me to work out filettpe size wire you are using. Find all posts by ricksl.


The efficient rectifier circuit spins the motor on less input to the slayer circuit than a bridge rectifier made from diodes but the single transistor rectifier dataasheet spin the motor on the least input to the slayer exciter. Find all posts by SuperCaviTationIstic. Also the smaller coils do not give plasma. I wonder if it would work with my Bedini exciter?

Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription. Find all posts by electr0n.

The finer wire wound on 19mm at about 40mm height gave me a frequency of 5mhz. You are on a roll man The plasma speaker vids are amazing and something I have wanted to try for a long time but I can only get plasma with my pop bottle coil at mA with an mpsa06 and they don’t last long at that draw so your high performance small coils are a must replication.

My name is Jennifer and this is my voice. Brackets indicate stated grade tested Strongest to weakest Fileetype Originally Posted by 7imix Are there any more details available to replicators?

C Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

Tie the secondaries together in series, and the the primary windings on datashwet transformers are primary and feedback. Find all posts by 7imix. Slider I found a 2N and it works but does not produce plasma for me.