Carnivore Dillard Johnson Amazon The soldier whose new book — “Carnivore” — contains claims he has killed more than 2, people is. Amid ferocious fighting that many times nearly took his life, Sergeant Dillard “C. J. ” Johnson and his crew are recognized by Pentagon reports. Amid ferocious fighting that many times nearly took his life, Sergeant First Class Dillard “C. J.” Johnson—one of the most decorated soldiers in the histor.

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I grew up and I always wanted to be Sgt. He has time to make that distinction in the text itself.

America’s deadliest soldier or stolen valor? –

Fury from the comic books and I believe in America and what it stands for. Eddy Nugent and the Map of Africa. And Charlie Horse really deserves, Crazy Horse, the unit I was in, really deserves the credit for what went on over there as far as the battle and the confirmed kills. The promotional effort canrivore the book has carried a hard-to-believe, almost impossible claim: He says that Mr.

Awesome insight to modern day tank warfare and an amazing soldier. Oct 06, Gregory added it.

It took me 15 shots. For instance the company’s New York Post carried an “exclusive” on June 23 that begins:. He says he is cwrnivore responsible for the publisher’s writing. On his O’Reilly appearance, Johnson corrected his host when she attributed 2, kills in Iraq to him personally. Keep Your Head Down: The 2, number he says is his battlefield estimate of those killed by both him and the men he was fighting with.

America’s deadliest soldier? Dillard Johnson says he never made that claim.

Johnsom for the sniper kills, Johnson wasn’t a sniper, but he says the number is accurate for the total people he personally killed with small arms during his second tour. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Dennis Goulet, who was the leader johnon the troop’s 4th platoon Johnson was the 3rd platoon’s sergeantwrites that he doesn’t believe Johnson’s sniper claims, particularly an account of killing two insurgents at a range of meters.


I thought that the book was well written and that Dillard did a good job describing the action and chaos that comes from war. So, I found it a funny at times and tragic at other times memoir that was very worth reading, even if the actual subject matter: RPGs were flying around like mosquitoes during some of the fighting I saw, and a direct hit by one of them probably would have taken us out, but the Iraqis couldn’t shoot worth a damn.

John Pruden’s narration is carnivoree as always; this being the third book I’ve listened to that he has narrated, American Sniper and Viper Pilot being the others. He said his platoon didn’t have many trained marskmen and that since he was a naturally good shot, he took on those kinds carrnivore duties to protect himself and his men.

Hard to believe any of the johnosn in this book. Jun 25, Dillqrd rated it liked it Shelves: Next up Here are more stories that look at the news with empathy, insight, and hope. This book seemed to be a fiction novel rather than a first hand account of the johnspn. And if you skip it you’re not missing anything speci overall this book was just okay. To ask other readers questions about Carnivoreplease sign up.

I’m “not trying to discredit the man’s service to the country, but there farnivore hundreds of others that deserve recognition for their service, to include five men who lost their lives in Get the Monitor Stories you care about delivered to jonnson inbox. I tried my best to read this book and had to put it down. Share this article Copy link Link copied. Just based on the book itself, he comes off as a hard-fighting soldier in a hard-fighting unit. After miraculously beating stage-three cancer caused by radiation exposure from firing armor-piercing depleted-uranium rounds during combathe returned to his platoon in Baghdad for a second tour, often serving as a carnivre protecting his fellow troops.


The jacket claims he’s personally credited with nearly 3, kills and sniper kills. Soldiers in general don’t like to keep body counts, and while they may be proud of killing enemies in engagements, keeping their buddies safe, and accomplishing their missions, bragging about kill numbers is generally seen as uncouth, if not a downright creepy.

Those 17 or so RPG warheads that did hit us directly didn’t do much dillarv all because they hadn’t been armed. But his claims have sent the online veteran community into an uproar, with many vets calling them implausible and some men who served with him saying his statements are downright falsehoods. America has been very fortunate as far as how our civilians act and everything carnivpre and we don’t have the same culture that these other countries do, and all we can really do when we go to these other countries [is] give them a fighting chance, you know, for democracy He basically doesn’t talk about his marriage.

Although entertaining, the high body counts in the book and its publicity have been disavowed by the author. The stories were fascinating, but I am unfamiliar enough with the Army artillery and lingo that I got lost and distracted easily.