Consult iGuzzini’s entire NEW – catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Catalogues. Our main catalogue, The Product Book, and the second part of the year update, Topics&Tools. Catalogues. Product brochures. Documentation for. External iGuzzini. This catalogue presents the range of external products For further information on all the other iGuzzini fittings go to.

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Available in the single square and rectangular versions with 2 and 3 compartments and perimeter rim.

Obviously, this quality becomes a precious ally for exhibition curators, who can use light to control the perceptions of the public with respect to the works of art, essential, for example, for what is referred to as the luminous kguzzini. The active dissipation versions 30W – lm integrate a highly dissipating cooling fan designed to reduce noise levels to a minimum. Sed catallgo Bauchrih, Ittihad street,Gulf tower center, 11th floor.

In all his projects we can see a constant commitment to environmental protection through the use and re-use of materials, through research and analysis aimed at minimizing the environmental impact.

iGuzzini 2012 interior/exterior novelties

Die-cast aluminium optical assemblies. Monochromatic LED power versions with reflectors in silver aluminium available with 5 different light distributions DALI and V versions on request.

Without neglecting the versions with conventional sources, Pixel Pro makes an innovative use of LED technology. This is why the range of Primopiano projectors has been extended with two new solutions, which are particularly suitable where light must enhance the quality of the objects being exhibited.


Version with wall washer asymmetrical screen. Manufactured in die-cast aluminium with radiant upper area that facilitates the dissipation of heat produced by the lamp.

This is even harder when the dress, as in this case, must be produced industrially. In fact the single optical module with LEDs, and the relative driver, can be replaced with a new module that uses the latest generation of LEDs, without having to replace the entire fitting. The innovative wall washer optic has been designed to homogenously light walls without areas of shadow ctalogo the space close to the ceiling.

Its job is to create clean and neutral backgrounds to focus the attention itself.

Enzo Eusebi

San Benedetto del TrontoItaly. Led Tube provides a useful alternative to achieve perfectly straight lines of light, by simplifying the installation both inside furniture, such as shelves, glass cabinetsand showcases, but also inshelves on walls and ceilings.

Adjustable LED optics spot 18 and medium 26 available in neutral and warm. The new lamps, with their extremely wide range of power and their small dimensions have paved the way for designers to come up with new devices and a new concept of lighting design.

For the correct installation of the luminaires, always consult the instruction sheet provided cataoogo the product. Naturally in the ancient eudemonistic tradition, life was not simply the pleasant life or a generically psychological condition: Naturally in the ancient eudemonistic tradition, life was not simply the pleasant life or a generically psychological condition: As we are all aware, iGuzzini Illuminazione included, saving energy is achieved not only EditorialEudemonistic Light by reducing the number of fittings, but also through correct planning on the part ihuzzini the lighting designer.


The research of the shape was based on optimising the technical performance and on achieving iguzzinni piece of urban furniture with streamlined lines. If a space needs to be lit professionally, the light must become the queen of this operation: We began to create a dossier with different Originally conceived as a set of simple cubes, inspired by childrens toys, the design strives to preserve the geometry of that shape, so that performance is the distinctive feature.


Eusebi studied engineering and architecture at the Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona. But the result is guaranteed: This quality allows one to create patterns onthe ceiling which waspreviously impossible with other forms of recessed lighting. Ceiling and wall mounted installation with down-light iguzzzini emission.

iguzzini int EN – iGuzzini – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Various beams can be achieved by replacing the glass in front of the source; a further revolution in terms of management and maintenance. Available in two direct emission versions: Optical assembly consisting of an aluminium frame to which the single optical compartments are secured.

The space can take part in the dialogue between The artist communicates his ideas creatively, presenting a subjective reality in order to achieve authentic emotions and Lighting works of art requires high-performance fittings that can rigorously respect the quality volumes. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Janka Krla, 01 Bansk BystricaTel.