The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a federal program offered by the United States Air Force which grants two-year Associate of Applied Science. To obtain more information concerning the CCAF ISD Certification Program and program procedures, refer to the CCAF Campus Affiliations PPG or contact the. CCAF Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Certification Program The CCAF CCAF business practices referenced in the CCAF Campus Affiliations PPG.

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A student who is pursuing a first degree and does not complete it in the allotted time will automatically be moved to the primary occupational specialty degree program in the most ccaf catalog. The records are the property of the College; however, the More information. Technical education requirements are generally satisfied by entry-level and advanced degreeapplicable courses at affiliated schools and through internship. Students interested in pursuing professional credentials should contact the credentialing agency for information on credentials, eligibility requirements and testing procedures.

A legal signature is the legal authorization for us to release a transcript.

Community College of the Air Force – Wikipedia

The Secretary of the Air Force or designated representative, on behalf of the Secretary of Defense, may act upon the board s advice and recommendations. AU is committed to protecting, to the maximum extent possible, the privacy rights of all individuals about whom it holds information, records, and files. Procedures of Policy No. In June Air University announced a pph program where four-year colleges accept the entire value 60 credits of the CCAF Associate degree towards a bachelor’s degree, ccsf only 60 more credits typically upper division, core classes.

Feedback Student participation is integral to the future development and continuous improvement of the college. Sign Up with Google. Exceptions may be required to satisfy certification or other programmatic recognition.


Award of Credit A credit hour is the amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student s achievement. You must be logged in. Any student wishing to reenroll may follow the procedures outlined above provided the student is still performing duty as a full-time CCAF instructor and meets all other requirements for registration.

They should not be construed as the basis of a contract between the student and the college.

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges SOC SOC, established inis a consortium of national higher education associations and approximately institutional members. We partner with more than affiliated Air Force schools, Education Services Offices located worldwide, and more than 1, civilian academic institutions to serve more thanactive, guard, and ccaaf enlisted personnel, making CCAF the world s largest community college system.

Thirty-six of the ABC schools hold regional accreditationand six hold national accreditation through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission formerly the Distance Education and Training Council.

So whether you re a prospective or current student, an education counselor, a recruiter, or a commander, we ve designed this catalog to provide valuable information about higher education opportunities with CCAF.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The college has two graduating classes each year April and October. Document Process When documents arrive at the administrative center, and upon credits being posted to student records, program managers assess progress toward degree requirements.

Airmen who have allowed an awarded credential s to expire or lapse are no longer certified or hold that credential.

Lead Education Technician Donna Jones Refer to the applicable degree program for the maximum semester hours that may be used to satisfy technical education requirements. Education Technician Kathy Wright Ccwf a civilian college course or national test is recorded, the student is identified as a participant.


Community College of the Air Force

The 16 SH residency requirement is only satisfied by credit earned for coursework completed in an affiliated school or through internship credit awarded for progression in an Air Force occupational specialty. Technical Education Requirement 24 semester hours Twenty-four semester hours are required to fulfill the technical education requirement.

United States federal service academies and military colleges. An Airman is briefed on the code upon initial entrance into active duty and periodically thereafter. Higher Education Committee John L. Credentialing is important to the Air Force and our Airmen for several reasons: The policies and procedures are to provide a means to resolve legitimate student complaints quickly and at the most appropriate level of responsibility.

SSU retains the right to change its course offerings, academic More information.

Requests made using this service ppg be expedited on a next business day basis once the transaction has been completed some transactions may require a faxed or mailed signature from the student for the order to be finalized.

Start display at page:. Group editing is not supported in IE8. It became apparent that CCAF standards ccat the minimum requirements of associate degree programs in civilian community colleges.

Individuals considering teaching in the public education system upon retirement or separation should contact Troops-To-Teachers at DSN or Individuals may also visit