Make sure the charity has ‘charitable purposes for the public benefit’. Register as a charity if your annual income is over £5, or if you set up a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). To get tax relief your charity needs to be recognised by HM Revenue and Customs. Registering as a Charity (CC21). Its checklist of . The charitable trust created by this deed (‘the charity’) shall be Commission will object to a new name. The Charity Commission is the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales. .. paragraph 3 of our publication CC Registering as a Charity but in.

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To help us improve GOV. Check the alternatives to setting up a charity. If your objects clauses allow your group to do something which the law does not recognise as charitable, your group will not be considered a charity, even if your main objects are charitable.

Charity reporting and accounts. Please note this page is written and managed by the Resource Centre, an independent charity.

Charity Details

Communicating with your community. It does not have a wider membership — trustees are appointed rather than elected. Looking after your group’s money. Related content Set up a charity Detailed guidance How to write charitable purposes Display of trustee legal names on the charity register Charity types: Explore the topic Fundraising Setting up a charity.


Your charity will be responsible for any costs involved. What were you doing? Guidance How to register a charity CC21b. These exempt charities include:. Trustees are responsible for the operation of your charity. For more information on writing, using and changing governing documents, read: Getting outside help with starting a group. Facebook for community dommission.

For more information, read: The governing document is a set of rules that explains how your charity is run. Getting your message across.

First steps for new groups.

Guidance Get funding to start a charity. A charity must exist for the benefit of the public as a whole or to a sufficient section of the public. Writing a funding application. In order to exist, organisations must adopt a legal structure. We are currently experiencing high volumes of applications and regret to inform you that the commission may take up to 45 working days to ask you for more information chatity clarification.

Create a governing document. Commidsion you for your feedback. Practicalities cc211 running an event. Find out what it means to be a charity and what to do if setting up a charity is the right option for you.

Reporting to a funder. This will be available for you to continue from 2 January.


How to set up a charity (CC21a)

Because of charlty, charities: Choose the right charity structure. Your charity can use Gift Aid to increase the value of donations from UK taxpayers. If you want your organisation to be a charity, the objects in your governing document must be charitable. Each trustee must read and sign the trustee declaration form to confirm they can act as a trustee of the organisation named on the declaration form.

How to register a charity (CC21b)

They must show they understand their legal requirements. UK uses cookies to make the site commidsion. Find out how to write your charity’s purposes.

The commission cannot accept electronic signatures. One Stop Carriers for Causes. Getting outside help with managing money. All your committee members must sign a declaration to say they are willing to act as charity trustees.

But you can apply to HM Revenue and Customs to recognise your organisation as charitable so that you can claim back tax on things like Gift Aid donations. This is due to scheduled maintenance.