Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse Book 6) and millions of other books are . Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 8) by Charlaine Harris. In bestseller Harris’s perky sixth Southern Vampire novel to star Sookie Stackhouse (after ‘s Dead as a Doornail), the telepathic waitress. In this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, supernaturally gifted waitress Sookie Stackhouse is pitted against the legacy of her own undead.

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Cover of Definitely Dead.

Definitely Dead

Each subsequent book about Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic Louisiana barmaid and friend to vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures, was very successful in many languages. And, I suspect though I cannot prove this, a gayer crowd. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You’re not the boss of me! House of Night Books in Order: I am so pleased to see Harris getting back on track!

The title refers to the death of the undead The novel finally comes to an end with yet another badly written and stackhoyse vampire battle, after which Sookie returns home with the addition of two randomly added sidekicks, a witch and the man she has accidentally turned into a cat.

And he’s a weretiger. No wonder I, and so many others, keep reading them. The ending was exciting and fast paced, too.

But, when it comes to her heart, she’s all-or-nothing. Mar 19, Wanda rated it really liked it Hharris That said, Southern Vampire Mysteries really is my favorite series of all times. With cunning on their part, and help from Eric and the vampire Rasul, Sookie is able to resolve her differences definitelu the Pelts.


And believe it or not, I mean that to be a highly complimentary statement. It is insanely frustrating to me that this story is told in first person, so we only get Sookie’s lopsided and biased view of everyone around her.

A bump in my rating for this entry in the series because I love Quinn, the weretiger we’ve just met in the last book, as Sookie’s new suitor. She picks a bald dude who turns into a tiger and she said looked like a genie over him?

This article about a s fantasy novel is a stub. How to read C. I am entranced by this like a human would be to Bill, Definitel, or any of the vampire denizens within the Charlaine Defnitely Southern Vamp realm. In this case the person suffering her scorn is her troubled and recently deceased cousin, making her catty barbs all the more cruel and unnecessary.

There were alot of anserwed questions in this book, but, with that, many more arised in thier stead.

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris | : Books

definitrly Personally I would have recommended him to develop a little self-control during his many years in existence, at least to a sufficient degree to avoid him making silly faces whenever a menstruating woman is nearby. And more page time with Harris usually means gets boring fast. Her first Teagarden, Real Murdersgarnered an Agatha nomination.

Sookie’s cousin was a vampire that got killed for having a strong affiliation with the Sookiee Queen of Louisiana I know, I know!

I like how Sookie handles the Queen of Louisiana. Jun 03, Jilly rated it it was ok Shelves: The book is told in the first person, after all.


Plus I don’t want to inadvertently ruin anything for any future readers of the series. If he wasn’t weeping with unrequited love on my doorstep, at least he was suffering a little. In fairness, Portia is in fact a lawyer, and so is surely entitled to own as many lawyer suits as she wants without being insulted. Stackhouuse it’s not sex, it’s violence.

Percy Jackson Books in Order: But, bless your heart! Quinn isn’t really interesting and Sookie is planning on dating every supernatural being in town.

This site uses cookies. It’s just an older crowd.

In fact, since the invention of synthetic blood called Tru Bloodvampires came out and live now peacefully with humans for sustenance. Why does she keep showing up? So many men and so little time. At times I felt myself winding up the old throwin’ arm to chuck the damn thing at the wall, definitsly that wouldn’t have made the outcome any different, and it probably would dented the wall just to spite me, even though I’m reading a paperback.

Another installment in the Sookie Stackhouse soap opera and I am still enjoying these books far more than I would ever have believed that I would! Bill is no saint, but I truly believe that he loves Sookie and would do anything for her. Return to Book Page. Hcarlaine had a little fan of the ends waving above my stackhouuse. Some random thoughts on my part–I Ack May 02, Pages.