Chironius is a genus of New World colubrid snakes, commonly called sipos savanes, or Chironius flavopictus (F. Werner, ); Chironius foveatus Bailey, ; Chironius fuscus (Linnaeus, ) – brown sipo; Chironius grandisquamis . Continent: Middle-America South-America Distribution: Panama, SE Colombia, S Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana, E/C Brazil (Bahia, Espirito. PDF | The colubrid snake Chironius fuscus (Colubridae) is a widely distributed species in South America, exhibiting a disjunct distribution.

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Amphibien und Reptilien in Peru.

Chironius grandisquamis | The Reptile Database

Smithsonian Herpetological Information Service Contribution to the herpetofauna of the Venezuelan Guayana. Spurrell in southern Colombia. Chironius FitzingerSpecies 22, See text. Zoological Series of Field Museum of Zoology 24 Find more photos by Google images search: Technical Books Editora Ltda.

Colubridae from the Pantepui region, northeastern South America. Dorsal scales in 10 0 or 8 rows, anal single; vertebral keels very weak or absent; upper lips light all around; ventrals ; maxillary teeth [from BAILEY ]. Guia Ilustrado para a Serra do Mar. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolutiondoi: The snakes of the genus Chironius in southeastern South America.


Captured on 16 April The specific namesbrazili and spixiiare in honor of Brazilian herpetologist Vital Brazil and German biologist Johann Baptist von Spixrespectively.

Report of the United States Natural Museum Journal of the Tennessee Academy fuscjs Science 53 3: Acta Zoologica Lilloana 3: Annotated checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Cuzco Amazonico, Peru.

Die Schlangenfauna von Pozuzo Peru Reptilia: Conservation of Mesoamerican Amphibians and Reptiles.

Brown sipo

This is the only Chironius species wilh 10 scale rows at midbody and a divided ana! Beschreibungen einiger neuer Schlangen und Batrachier. There are 22 described species in this genus with the last species being described in Amphibien und Reptilien in Peru. Article Tools How to cite item.

Herpetological Natural History 1 1: Squamate reptiles of the Atlantic Forest of northern Bahia, Brazil. Descriptions of a new Chironuis and a new snake discovered by Dr.

Relative abundance in Honduras: Views Read Edit View history. Chironius Chironius bicarinatus Chironius scurrulus Scientific dhironius Kingdom: Reptiles of the Yachana Reserve. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.


University of Chicago Press, pp. Liste preliminaire des Serpents de la Guyane francaise. Herpetological Review 32 2: WilliamsJeff Boundy Check List 6 2: Reptarium The Reptile Database. Check List 6 2: PLoS One 9 8: Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek.

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 18 2: The following 22 species are recognized as being valid.

Global Vision International, pp. The snakes of Honduras. The Amphibians and Chironis of Mindo. Chironius fuscus leucometapus has been elevated to full species status by Hollis The Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica: