For building range: Body use, breathing THEN chopbuilders like lipslurs! Dec 23, # How long have you been playing trumpet? Dec But there was a trumpet in my home, and I got hold of this band book and started practicing. I soon got the hang of On the way, I practiced lots of chop builders. Recording of players such as Maurice Andre or Doc Severinsen for trumpet players to tension, the student will be buzzing the same pitch that the trumpet was playing. XtremeRange Development: ChopBuilders (Treble Clef) ยท XtremeBrass.

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More friends of P. PRO is an advanced-level isometric strengthening tool to grumpet used by experienced altissimo players.

Mar 19, With some forays up to high C.

Lead trumpet with Harry Connick, Jr. The Isometric exerciser of the 21st century has arrived. That was in early August. Geeez, what a great little device! I have now made using the P.

I highly recommend the P. Pro–just what I’ve been hoping for. Replacement and extra windows are available.

My chops will never be the same! Brass and Woodwind playing is an art and a skill.


Warburton Music Products

I also have a colleague who’s chops were “saved” whilst on holiday by using the P. Regular use of the P. E allows tfumpet to keep the muscles in shape that I need to perform at the highest standards all the time. I am now a firm believer of P.

My trumpet history

This is a great thing – so simple and so totally easy and practical to use – and feels SO much like just the right thing to do! I recommend this device so much that I will require all my brass students to purchase one to supplement their practice routines after the first of the year. These are the muscles which prevent the lips from falling into the cup, blowing apart, and losing the buzz”. It has really helped me to train my chops to really lock in on the slots above high c.

The answer is YES! And use it gently, bringing blood flow to the area for about 30 seconds. For the perfect professional sound all the time, our line of Stonelined Mutes offers many different models to produce outstanding various tonal colors for the Brass player. I’ve never been a “trumpet gadget” kind of a guy, but the P. When you said young, are you middle school or high school? Silver, Gold, and Black Plastic P. Thanks for all that you do for us. The famous Al Cass “Fast” is a combination valve, slide, and key lubricant that will not gum or separate under any weather conditions!


I asked her to try this new device at home and let me know what she thought. Silver, Gold, and Blue Plastic P. The benefit has been very palpable, dramatic, and undiminishing. Resist this action with your lip muscles. Thanks again for making my job easier and more enjoyable!

More than 50, sold! As a music educator, I am planning to use it extensively in my private trumpet studio and in trumpte band room.

Airy high notes?

trhmpet All band directors need to look into this device. Place the narrow end of the P. As Kincaid’s already visits many of the Miami Valley schools at a pre-scheduled time once a week, your shipment will be delivered at that time.

Below is just a small sample of the positive feedback we’re getting from customers.