A vesiculobullous disease is a type of mucocutaneous disease characterized by vesicles and bullae (i.e. blisters). Both vesicles and bullae are fluid-filled lesions, and they are distinguished Classification. D ยท ICD LL14; ICDCM: . According to Fitzpatrick classification, the VB or mucocutaneous diseases have Table 4: Diagnostic procedure for vesiculobullous lesions. CLASSIFICATION OF VESICULOBULLOUS DISEASES. VESICLE&BULLA. A clear fluid lesion just below the epithelium which ruptures to form an ulcer, if this is.

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Diagnostic procedures for autoimmune vesiculobullous diseases: None, Conflict of Interest: Clinical identification of intact vesicle and bulla in the oral cavity is really a challenge due to the regular irritation and the friable nature of oral mucosa.

Rupture of these lesions leads to erosions or ulcerations on the surface, hence making the diagnosis of vesiculobullous VB lesions is even more difficult due to the fact that classjfication differential diagnosis lcassification with VB lesions will also include ulcerative, immunological-mediated diseases, and neoplasms and systemic diseases. Hence, knowledge of the clinical presentation of these disorders and the relevant diagnostic procedures is important not just for dermatologists, but also for general practitioners and dentists.

In this article, the various procedures have been explained that can be used for the diagnostic purpose of VB lesions. Bulla, enzyme-linked classsification assay, immunofluorescence, mucocutaneous, salt split, Vesiculobullous, vesicle.

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Vesiculobullous disease – Wikipedia

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According to separation at intraepithelial level Click here to view. According to separation at dermoepidermal junction Click here to view. Antigens clqssification by antibodies in vesiculobullous VB lesions Click here to view.

Diagnostic procedure for vesiculobullous lesions Click here to view. Biopsy procedure for VB lesions Modifi ed from Kumaraswamy et al.

Vesiculobullous disease

Journal of Cancer research and Therapeutics ; 8 2: Flow chart depicting the procedure for Tzanck test Click here to view. LE cell inclusion phenomenon or LE test. Lupus Erythematosus cell Click here to view. Flow chart depicting the Direct Immunofl uorescence procedure Click here to view. Vesiculobullous fi ndings by direct immunofl uorescence DIF technique Click here to view. Vesiculobullous fi ndings by salt split skin technique Click here to view. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and western blot vesicjlobullous.

Flow chart depicting the Indirect Immunofl uorescence procedure Click here to vesicuolbullous. Related articles Bulla enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay immunofluorescence mucocutaneous salt split Vesiculobullous vesicle.