Buy Comprendre toute la finance by Christophe Thibierge (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Comprendre toute la finance Broché – 3 février Christophe Thibierge VUIBERT Comptabilité Boutique de noel. Avec “Comprendre toute la finance”, Christophe Thibierge propose un ouvrage clair, synthétique mais aussi amusant sur la finance.

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Aucun appareil Kindle n’est requis. Ajouter les deux au panier. A Practical Guide to Corporate Finance: Comprendre toute la finance – L essentiel de la finance d entreprise pour tous. Advocacy — Championing Ideas and Influencing Others.

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Christophe Thibierge (Adapté par of Principes de gestion financière)

Partagez votre opinion avec les autres clients. Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon. First, let me give you some context: I am a business school student whose focus is not on corporate finance. And I am busy. I mean really busy. This semester alone, I will have to sit through six exams. At the same time, I applied to around 30 companies for graduate programmes those of you who have know what it meansI am having interviews with 7 of them and on top of that I run two Associations.

And classes, of course.

Why is this relevant? I need you to understand I absolutely hate to waist my time. I hate books that waist my time.

And I extremely rarely take time to write reviews – I only do when I feel like the world absolutely needs to know something, and it clearly doesn’t. This book is the case in point. You need to know about this book. This book needs to be a best-seller and create a generation of people who can cleverly make sense of how to look at the books of a company, how to think of valuation, what all those ratios, all those fancy words like the author would say, “Financialese” really mean.


You will benefit from this book no matter what you do, because you may not realise that yet but finance does touch us all, and you will be grateful you have read this book if corporate finance or financial analysis are to any extent part of your professional life even if that is your domain of expertise already, and in that case, it you will still enjoy it for the style, the clever and truly funny examples. If then, you are interviewing for entering roles in financial institutions, need to pass exams on the subject and you are lost and overwhelmed.

What this book DOES provides you with: By sometimes changing register, changing perspective, making tons of witty jokes that will cause you to smile and sometimes laugh, the authors created a magical recipe – Something you can understand no problem if you are a complete beginner.

It doesn’t require prerequisite knowledge of corporate finance. I think of this book a bit as a paper version of Khan Academy, just more in-depth, and that is the best compliment I could ever give.

I am one of those that have been christope by this book and I just want to spread the joy. Go conquer corporate finance! But, this book, is simply amazing! Gives you the important and simple underlying concepts that you need to know, one after another comprendr the perfect order. There is no waste of lines and space, nothing that puts down your curiosity and enthusiasm about all the stuff that you are finally understanding.



I think even a 10 year old can understand a toure, a company after reading this book. And it was a pleasure, and it kept me reading instead of choosing to watch a movie or whatever other thing.

Finally I would like to point out that I am not a student anymore. Curistophe think if I had this book in my corporate finance class I would have loved the subject back then.

Comprendre Toute La Finance Christophe Thibierge Pdf Viewer

I recommend it therefore not only to students, but as well to people who are working and want to refresh or learn some of the topics contemplated. The easiness of how this concepts are explained, even if you are tired after a long day, makes you want to keep reading and improving yourself and your knowledge.

And great thanks for your contribute! En savoir plus sur Amazon Prime.

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