The object of Condottiere is to acquire four connected provinces in renaissance Italy. only the highest bidder loses their bid, in Condottiere every player loses their bid. The Universal Head CONDOTTIERE Rules Summary v (Apr09). In the game, each player represents a Condottiere who starts the Conquest of the seized by each player. The rules. Two sheets explaining the playing cards. Download a huge range of popular boardgame rules summaries, reference sheets and player aids at Universal.

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The statue of Condottiere Colleoni on a horse. This card is not affected by a Winter or Drum card. The Condottiere chooses the place of the next battle and a new round begins. A player may put three such cards in his army, no more.

The city is conquered by the player owning the most powerful army at the exact moment when the Surrender card is put. Its ownership indicates on each turn the player who chooses the place of the next battle.

Translation 31 December Soubeyra sept. His army will value 42 points if he plays a Drum card. End of a game. He plays first during a battle, the other players play after in clockwise order.

He cannot play after that a Surrender card has been put. The value of Mercenary cards from the player which he has or will put during the battle are multiplied by two. Preparation of the game. A new round begins and so on until a player wins. Drum Cards they reinforce the morale of troops. Bishop Cards when a player puts this card, the city is saved thanks to the intervention of the Church. The winner receives the statue of the Condottiere.


The statue of the Condottiere remains in the ownership of the player who got it at the beginning of the battle. When a player has no more cards in hand, he stops playing until the end of the round in progress.

A round ends when at the end of a battle, there is only one player to have cards in his hand. At the end of a battle, a player may discard all the cards he still has if he has no more Conottiere cards in his hand. In that case, he says “I pass” and he cannot put any more card before the next battle.

He gives back his remaining cards which are riles with the others. Rulrs Cards this card is valued 10 points and is added to the Mercenary cards to determine the value of an army. To do that points of Mercenary cards are added for each player, in taking into account modifications due to special cards see Card significations.

If the city was already owned by a player, she remains in his ownership whatever the value of his army at the moment when the Bishop card is played.

Aim of the game. He may also choose again the city where the last battle took place.


To discard is never an obligation. With 3 players, five cities in adjacent regions. At the beginning of the game, it is the youngest player who receives the Condottiere ‘statue. The value of the card is added to the value of those already cpndottiere. He may eventually conquer the city if, at the end of the battle, he has the strongest army. It is important not to forget that if a player is alone to play to put cardhe may add as many cards as he wishes as long as condotiere does not say “I pass”.

If there is no winner but the city belonged to a player, he receives the statue. End of a round. On this map, are indicated the capitals of Republics and Kingdoms which composed Italy of this epoch.

After all, is he not the winner? The cards played by all the players condotiere removed and one proceeds to the next battle.

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If a Bishop card is played the battle is immediately ended but the forces in presence are not counted. But take care, you are not alone! Strategy and conquest in Italy of the Renaissance.