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How can the unauthored Vedas, the embodiment of pure knowledge, be stolen? The yajamAna refers to the king “Isha” of “asura[s],” or Bali Chakravarti.

Lord Narasimha will not excuse any enemies of Vaishnavas Vishnu or he will not dashavattara enemies of Syuti Vishnu. Ishwara Rudra deva who is suppose to be sruti and the one who has killed Manmatha Manmatha is the son of Sri Lakshmi was also disturbed in his mind and fell in love with you Narayani and later felt shy and shame for the above act.

When he lifted the earth from his pointed tooth kore halluwith the black portion of the earth and his white pointed tooth were looking like decorated black water-lily naidele flowers. You are the root cause of this universe, you are decorated by the bridle kadivana pointed tooths. Tormented Duryodhana made Bhimasena who is considered to be equal to his nature to under go the follwing troubles: The most important part of a yagna should be contemplating Paramatma and His supremacy, suti Bali who stjti the Bali asura avesha, and the other danujas do not do this, rendering the yagna incomplete.

Then farmer has decided to take the golden wealth which was blessed by the God and give all his lands as donation to the temple. For those who are praying him hari bhaktas, devotees he will oblige to bless them according to their devotion gradation and liberates them. By attracting all these Gopika ladies all of them desired dashavqtara have him as their sruti.

In this context it refers to a thread. By the blessings of Sri Krishna Pandavas completed the period of living in woods vanavasa and were living in disguise in the court of the king Virata who is lower in their cadre.


Vishnu tells the devatas to enlist the help of the asuras by telling them that they will also get the amrita, even though Vishnu will ensure that only the devatas will actually receive the amrita. In summary, Vadirajaru sings that at the end of the yuga, Matsya uses His horn to support the wooden ship which is keeping everyone afloat during the deluge.

Bali is the son of Virochana and grandson of Prahlad and has the influence of an asura also named Bali inside of him. Bali Chakravarthy also started one such yaga.

Dashavatara Stuti –

He tells the king that he can get into the ship along with saints, sages, and plenty of grains and food. The asura avesha presence inside of Bali leaves and Bali realizes Paramatma’s omnipotence. The same Sri Krishna will protect for those who wear his symbols like conch-shell and discuss these people are his devotees and he will destroy all their sins stuit.

Nirukta is etymology and formations, and is needed along with shixA before studying the Vedas. Wtuti hearing his orders and without knowing the cause fault of his mother Sri Parashurama has chipped off her head like axe chipping off the tree.

This verse continues to praise Paramatma’s avatara dqshavatara Vamana. Lions that hunt elephants will know to attack this weak spot of the elephant in order to defeat it. By touching the stone of Ahalya Sri Rama blessed her with dashavaatra body with all wearing dresses and jewels as dashavztara is.

Your wife Sri Sita is following you on the borders of the mountains and forests which are difficult to access. But the sinful asuras or demons taken understood his preaching in wrongful meaning and started practising the same by blaming the vaidic dharama. At that time even Sri Vedavysa has disappeared and divine culture was existent by removing all faulty practices. Sri Vadiraja is praying that the same Sri Vamana who has done and doing wonderful things, remembering him and saluting to him.


Sri Vadiraja Yathi composed this stotra out of his complete devotion and pure auspcious mind towards Sri Hari. What do we need to cross? Girish Prabhu December 29, at 3: This means that Lakshmana will be pleased feels utmost happy in serving Sri Rama.

|| ಶ್ರೀ ದಶಾವತಾರಸ್ತೋತ್ರಮ್ ||

Madhwa Prameya Mahodadhi February 5, at 1: When Bhimasena was fast asleep, Duryodhana tied him with strong threads and with his assistants he has thrown him to the deep waters of Ganga, even at that time Bhima was not affected. As a highly-devoted saint, Shri Vadirajaru always enjoyed praising Narayana in various ways. This is suppose to be Bhuddha philosophy. In order to attract the Asuras who are enemies of devataas Sri Hari will incarnate as Bhudda as son of Jinana in the place called Gaya in the land of Magadha.

Sri Rama along with Nila, Angadha monkeys has built a bridge across the ocean and crossed the same. The same two feet Sri Vadiraja is taking refuge continuously without any interruptions and praying Sri Tivikrama who is wearing mace club, gada to protect him.

The same Sri Hari who is in the form of Sri Rama became killer destroyer for Ravana and his ministers. When Narakasura was tormenting troubling good people, Sri Krishna went to Pragjyothipur in the city of Narakasura and destroyed him by liberating 16, beautiful ladies.

Hiranyaksha steals the earth itself and tilts it off of its axis. By doing this winning of enemies Sri Rama has earned unmeasured fame.

Madhwa Prameya Mahodadhi July 22, at 9: When combined with the prior expression, the full expression will no longer be a bahuvrIhi.

Actually the list of kritis is long and these are some of the stotras of his which you have mentioned above.

During the same time in the place called Gaya land of Magadha Tripurasura was born to Shuddodana or Jinana.