De alma para alma: filosofia da vida para os que pensam e sofrem. Front Cover. Huberto Rohden. Alvorada, – pages. Name: Del alma para huberto rohden download. File size: mb. Language: English. CRC: bd09efd3bede89e Rating: 7/ Download . Huberto Rohden has 40 books on Goodreads with ratings. Huberto De alma pra alma by Diretrizes Para o Autoconhecimento e a Autorrealização by.

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Human masters teach profound doctrines — Christ ee a perfect life and dies a heroic death. So are those of yesterday and before yesterday — the Christ of yesterday, today and tomorrow. So are the human masters admirable — and loved is the prophet of Aoma. Analyses men intelligible truths — reveals the son of God prospect of eternal life. Christ is more relevant today than in the first century — revolve around him the thoughts of all men.

He is dealt by the academic and the artist, the dealer and the industrial, the believer and the unbeliever — friends and enemies. Kant and Bergson, Chesterton and Renan, Murray and Barbusse, Keyserling and Papini, Rojas and Pada, all ultra modern writes what they know about him or what they judge to know.

Toyohiko Kagawa, the Japanese Dostoyevsky, from the working-class neighbourhood in Kobe, wrote a strange novel: Before the Dawn — drama of a soul in search of light. David Livingstone dies on the shores of Lake Tanganyika — proclaiming in the heart of Africa the glories of Christ. Thousands of pioneers of the faith proclaimed Christ from Alaska to Cairo — from the poles to the equator. But even 50 thousand books, works or millions of mouths could not say more than said the rough fragments of Matthew and Mark, Luke and John.


And more in the lines one reads, more one can guess between it. If so much huherto the sacred fragments we hold — how much should say what has not been said in the gaps between lines! Flavio de Mello Zlma texto: Vale a pena adquirir esta joia da nossa literatura. Pode ser encontrado nas livrarias. Quem preferir ouvir este texto na voz de Huberto Rohden mande um email para: Clique e assista ao video: Quem como Tu mesmo meu guia e estadia pode ser?

Naturalmente ele tem que dizer: I said this several times in my classrooms on TV.

Xenia 1 is astonished when I say that past and future do not exist. Successiveness what repeats itself sequentially is an illusion.

Rohren which is or is held at the same time is the truth. Everything is here and now. Nothing was and nothing will be. And how do we speak of the past? And how do we speak of the future?

Del alma para huberto rohden download

Means that the prophets and clairvoyants know the future? Is not true, they live in the present and that is why they are prophets, royden.

When we depend on our five senses we believe in past and future, because our senses give us the illusion that something else happened and something has not arrived yet. By our senses we talk about past and future. We depend entirely on our senses. How can I buberto something without seeing, hearing, without touching, which are things of the senses.


Titles by Huberto Rohden

Our senses belong to the physical ego. Our Self is pure spirit. Is an envelope of matter and this material envelope requires our spirit to believe in the senses, because usually our spirit cannot directly know things except through the senses. But there are certain men who at odd moments emancipate themselves from the bondage of the senses. There are such men. There are few, but occasionally appears. There are people who know directly without eyes, without ears and without tact.

Knowing the reality regardless of the senses. Always existed and still exist today. Excerpt taken from a lecture by Hubert Rohden Who wants to get the complete archive of Rohden lectures please, write to: Eu disse isto diversas vezes nas minhas aulas de TV.

Quer dizer que os profetas e videntes conhecem o futuro. Conhecem a realidade independentemente dos sentidos. Os cosmovidentes ou que outros nomes tenham.

Sempre existiam e ainda existem hoje, alguns. Sites Amigos Divulgadores de Huberto Rohden: Huberto Rohden — site em espanhol Memoria Rohden Third heaven.