Professor Everett L. Wheeler, review of The De Re Militari of Vegetius: The Reception, Transmission and Legacy of a Roman Text in the Middle Ages, ( review no. The treatise De re militari by Flavius Vegetius Renatus was the bible of Vegetius, who explicitly omitted cavalry from his exposition, became the. De Re Militavi, f86, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) .. xxxiii () ; id. , “The influence of Vegetius’ De re militari”, Milituty Afluirs.

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Jean de Vignai ; olim Samuel Pepys ; Lang, xlvii. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. In the next place, they are to double again and form four deep.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for veggetius on the go. The extant text dates to the 5th century. Jean de Meun ; not in Lang.

Te of the 11th, possibly late 10th century. Vsgetius messes were also called Maniples from their constant custom of fighting together in the same company or division. But of all precautions the most important is to keep entirely secret which way or by what route the army is to march. The field music is described and is an ornamental progenitor of that in use in United States. So influential was Vegetius’ book that it was considered as an essential field-guide well into the age of gunpowder.

In the second line the sixth cohort was posted on the right flank, with the seventh on its left; the eighth drew up in the center; the ninth was the vegetiua and the tenth always closed the left flank.

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These are of interest only to military antiquarians and for that reason have not been included. Corbinian at Frei- sing: Geographically, the De re militari does not appear to have been significantly restricted in its circulation within Western Europe. Set up a giveaway. The necessity, therefore, of discipline cannot be too often inculcated, as well as the strict vetetius requisite in the choice and training of new levies.

A Handlist of extant Manuscripts containing the De Re militari of Flavius Vegetius Renatus – Persée

But when there happened any dangerous insurrection vegetiud by infinite multitudes of fierce and barbarous nations, on such emergencies they took the field with two armies under two consuls, who were charged, both singly and jointly, to take care to preserve the Republic from danger.


Cities and fortresses are garrisoned by such mcn as are least fit for thc service of the field. The utility of good archers in action is evidently demonstrated by Cato in his treatise on military discipline.

They had shields, cuirasses, helmets, greaves, swords, daggers, loaded javelins, and two of the common missile weapons. There have been but two significant attempts to list the surviving manuscripts of the De re militari, that of Vegetius’ nineteenth century editor, Carl Lang, and that of a twentieth century editor, the Reverend Leo F. The fourth consists of the same number of five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse.

They were so denominated ab eligendo, from the care and exactness used in the choice of the soldiers. This article is about a work by Vegetius. Wikiquote has quotations related to: It seems to resemble a fortified city which they can build for their safety wherever they please.

The number of extant manuscripts is probably less than These rules must be punctually observed in all exercises and reviews so that the soldiers may be ready to obey them in action without hesitation according to the general’s orders either to charge or halt, to pursue the enemy or to retire. For the work of the same name by Roberto Valturio, see De re militari Valturio. The treatise is carefully laid out in subsections. The large number of extant manuscripts, many of which can be connected with specific owners or libraries, coupled with the inclusion of Vege- tius’ book in numerous medieval booklists and library catalogues, suggests that this late fourth century Roman military treatise was the most popular, and thus perhaps most influential, discussion of the art of war available between A.

Available in a significant number of copies spread throughout Western Europe between the ninth and sixteenth centuries the Epitoma rei militaris of Flavius Vegetius Renatus provided. In some manuscripts he is given the title of count. Korcula YugoslaviaMon. Widmanstetter ; not in Lang.

And if they do not comply with the order, proper officers are to appointed to compel them to do it. How worthy of admiration are these people for particularly applying themselves to the study of an art, without which no other art can possibly exist.


These evolutions, often practiced in the field of exercise, will be found easy in execution on actual service. Vegetius’ regulae continued to be repeated by author after author until the beginning of the nineteenth century when they were voided by the greatly changed nature of war and were replaced by the principles provided by writers such as Clausewitz. Canady ; not in Lang. Manuscripts in French Fl. And in this I was not a little encouraged by the late instance of Your Majesty’s indulgence.

There is also another very material advantage to be derived from these exercises in time of action; for a soldier who advances with his javelin.

They acquired coolness and exactness in acnon from familiar custom and exercise in the field. Of course, any such study as this would be impossible without the generous assistance of many librarians and curators who in the present case are unfortunately too numerous to mention.

We are informed by the writings of the ancients that, among their other exercises, they had that of the post. Vegetius also describes in detail the organisation, training and equipment of the mlitari of the early Empire. Vegetius was a reformer who attempted to restore the degenerate Romans of the 4th Century to the military virtues of the ancients, whom he never ceases to laud.

The Odyssey of an American Warrior. Salvatore di Bologna ; Lang, xliiii Manuscripts in all languages produced from the seventh century onward are included. Besides, scarcity of provisions, which is to be carefully guarded against in all expeditions, soon ruins such large armies where vegetiuss consumption is vegetiys prodigious, that notwithstanding the greatest care in filling the magazines they must begin to fail in a short time.