Em cumprimento com o disposto no referido Decreto-Lei, declaro que participei ativamente na , , , , , , ,. . There is no “New Law”. It’s the existing DL # Let’s try to explain again. ” Decreto Lei” says that foreigners are not allowed to have. 24 abr. A partir de o Decreto , que regulamentou a Lei do Gerenciamento Costeiro no país, definiu um novo espaço geográfico de gestão.

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terreno acrescido de marinha | Portuguese to English | Real Estate

The Federal Constitution has included the naval coastal lands as property belonging defreto the Union art. Oriented by the temporal criteria average high tide of the year and spatial 33 metersits delimitati Alvim, Eduardo Arruda Format: Terrenos de marinha costeiros.

Oriented by the temporal criteria average high tide of the year and spatial 33 metersits delimitation is related to its own content of the concept of marine. Decretl is because if not the most stormy theme correlate, the main core of the problematic.

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Nevertheless, common characteristic to the many species of marine lands are the salty waters, – always subject to the natural influences of the lunar-solar scheme. They are governmental property which constitute available goods of the Union, which title goes back to immemorial times, by the right of the conquest.


Also known as marine lands, salty or salty lands, the first mention of which there is notice of under the denomination of salty was made at the Royal Letter of the 4th of December ofalthough the most famous date back from the 21st of October of and the 10th of January of Although without counterparts in the foreign legislation found in the Portuguese lezirias also, poetically referred to as the daughters of the Tejo which figure is typically kingly, bears the traces of tenure, with respect to defreto marginal public property.

With regards to the existence of free coastal areas for loading and unloading of merchandise, the implemented model was imported from the areas designed for the salty marines or Portuguese salty marines. Lacking safe criteria for the determination of the high tide line ofit is given space to the system of presumptions, becoming public what is allodial, and vice-versa, in defiance of the law.

Elapsed more than years of its first legal reference and more than years of the discovery of Brazil there is no complete demarcation. Furthermore and far beyond its extreme relevance, the few and sparse passages found in the manuals and articles destined to the subject, do not suit its direct social relexes.


It was thus found, the primordial need of such study.

Being so, given the extension of the subject and in the attempts of making a deceto contribution, it was restricted to the present dissertation, to the analysis of the marines. Moreover, it was researched the various legal aspects which entail the subject, not forgetting the practical procedural aspects. By way of illustration, it was inserted paintings from secreto painter, Benedito Calixto, from Santos, giving colours and contours to the theory.

It was thus aimed, to demonstrate how precarious is our system of demarcation, abandoned to the tax discretion, with repulse to legality.

Such is our aim: Constatou-se, enfim, a premente necessidade do estudo. Similar Items Terrenos de marinha da zona costeira de Fortaleza — Ce: Bezerra, Diana Maria Ferreira Published: Dantas, Fernando Luis Lopes Published: Bitencourt, Neres de Lourdes da Rosa Published: Martins, Douglas Teixeira Published: