This is a highly engrossing, inspirational and thought provoking book. This publication, by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, is an English translation of. Deivathinkural in simple English. Deivathin Kural Voice of God Vol 6. Shri Ra. Ganapathi has painstakingly covered the discourses and conversations of the Sri . A prayer to Deivathin Kural book or the words of Maha Periyava to thank her and so I am translating it in to English and presenting it to her.).

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While we treasure all Sri Maha Periyava experiences, it is very important that we follow His upadeshams teachings also.

His upadeshams are available in 7 Volumes of Deivathin Kural. Deivathin Kural Voice of Godis a one stop shop and a complete encyclopedia to know more about Sanatana Dharma; a huge treasure that talks in depth on all topics under the sky.

Dheivathin Kural Digital Version – English & Tamil – Sage of Kanchi

It is a collection of all Sri Maha Periyava upanyasams over many decades that Shri Ra Ganapathy Anna has painfully compiled and published over the years. In this chapter, Sri Eng,ish talks about the glory of Vinayaka and his significance, especially in Tamilnadu. The speciality of Tamilnadu is that we find temples of Pillayar everywhere.


There is no need even to build a structure or roof as He is found in the open under the peepul trees. In Tamilnadu Pillayar graces us by his deiathin much more than any other God by being found in every street, in river banks and beneath the trees.

Dheivathin Kural Digital Version – English & Tamil

He is the eldest son of the Parvathy and Parameshwara, the universal parents. This is a speciality of Tamilnadu.

Kumaran also means son. In Tamil also we say Kumarakkadavul. We have named only the eldest son respectfully as Pillayar. He is the eldest son and a child God. But his existence was always there even before all other creations. Pranava is the source of the universe and all the beings. Pranava lural personified as Pillayar. If we behold his elephant face with engkish trunk we can see the form of Pranava. Pillayar, the Supreme First, though has an appearance of a child is foremost in lifting up the devotees to the greatest level.

Deivathinkural in simple English

We have the example of Avaiyaar. She was an ardent devotee of Kurral. By chanting this we can attain supreme knowledge. There is also a story about Avaiyaar.


Sundaramoorthy Swamigal and Cheraman Perumal started for Kailasam. They thought of taking along Avaiyaar as well. At that time Avaiyaar was offering her worship to Vigneshwara.

Kueal Sundarmoorthy and Cheraman asked her to speed up and finish the pooja fast. You can go ahead. Vinayaka puja is my Kailasam. Avaiyaar did the puja in the proper pace. Once the puja got over, Pillayar appeared before her and lifted her with his trunk and in a single sweep placed her straight in Kailasa.

Niranjan’s Musings

As such the elder son Pillayar is already connected. Dekvathin made Avaiyaar reach Kailasam in a jiffy. God Vigneshwara bestows very easily the greatest of blessings.

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