Deryni Rising has ratings and reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: It was years ago when I ran across Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni novels. Oddly, I ne. The classic novel that introduced the Deryni?and launched Kurtz?s career. For more than thirty years, the Deryni Chronicles have transported readers. Jul 20, Deryni Rising, like A Game of Thrones, takes place in a world notable for how closely it hews to historical example—or at least, to a somewhat.

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Deryni Rising

Other books in the series. View all 5 comments. Epic Fantasy Paranormal Fiction Category: The above are actually relatively minor quibbles. As the “special power” of the kings of Gwynedd had sufficed for Brion to defeat Charissa’s father, she plots to keep Kelson from receiving those powers.

So after reading Kari Sperring’s essay on the Deryni seriesI decided to give it a shot and loved it. We meet the folk of the East – in the “modern” times – and they’ve a much more reasonable approach than our Western purges and interregnums – tho they certainly have their own troubles: Other characters include Agnes, Colin, Nigel and Ian.

See all books by Katherine Kurtz. My copious backstory on how I found the book might explain why I still think it holds up.

Female characters seem to be stupid, evil, or irrational or some combination of the threeand there are no women that end deeyni having a real lasting presence in the story.

You may be right, Jonah, but I read the female characters as poorly drawn relative to the male characters. If he loses, he dies as his father did.


Charissa is the usual archetype of a villainess but her descriptions and personality fit the role well. My, my, how one’s impressions can change over a mere thirty years!

But are we taking this as a negative? The rest of it, though, wasn’t great. The ddryni duel lacks all tension due to this lack of clarity. Martin caliber politics here, but there’s some decent political maneuvering and back-stabbing going on.

The treatment of women is no better or worse than any other contemporary fantasy novel. The books have been harder to source that I expected, so the next three are coming via Boo Depository, Abe Books and ebay.

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Deryni Rising – Wikipedia

Kurtz did an incredible job of pulling off the story in such a competent fashion at a relatively young age and for her first novel. I do like him better in The Histories of King Kelsonthe later series.

I fell in love with main character Alaric Morgan back then. risung

When I encountered it, I knew that it was a newly-written original book Lin Carter wrote introductions for many of the books that were printed while he was running the line in addition to writing some non-fiction books and anthologies. The amount of magic does not matter, the proximity to Elfland does not matter.

The medieval almost-Wales setting and xeryni medieval almost-Catholic church, along with the race of humans who can use magic, makes for a great setting, though in this book they’re underdeveloped On one hand, it makes sense for Jehanna to have the feelings she does towards Morgon as well as the hesitancy about her son.


The final scene or confrontation in the book takes place with the sorceress Charissa. Kelston, Alaric and Duncan are all ‘half-breeds’, though with learning and tutelage they can become extremely adept as is shown in the ultimate confrontation dryni the ‘evil’ person at the end of the story. I liked how Kelson gave her a good tell off, it did put her back in her place as she was really starting to get to me during a certain part in the book.

It happens about ten times throughout the novel, and by about the fifth time I was sick of it.

Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz

Of the female characters, by contrast, only Charissa is capable, dedyni “none” are relatable. It was her fault I reread Melanie Rawn ‘s Dragon Prince trilogy last year and I definitely wanted to join in with this one. I think that was true, once.

This first book is also pr This is the first of Katherine Kurtz’s amazing books about the Deryni, a race of magic wielding people set in a medieval times. Most of the story felt like an introduction, and then it ended. Because there’s only one other female character in the book–Jehanna, who basically exists to annoy Kelson and Morgan and, by extension, the reader. The Eleven Kingdoms Torenth. I think it is the simplicity of the story and how elegantly Kurtz constructs the story.