Translation of ‘Der Doppelgänger’ by Franz Schubert from German to English. In search of. Schubert’s Doppelganger. DAVID BRETHERTON addresses some issues raised by a neglected Adorno essay. DORNO’S ESSAY ‘Schubert’ is a re-. To present a discussion of Der Doppelgänger, the thirteenth song from Schubert’s Schwanengesang, might seem a redundant enterprise.

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As I remarked earlier, from the beginning of the piece, the dominant is portrayed as weak, appearing as an empty fifth measure 4a minor triad measure 10and even as a bare octave measure Das Lied vom Reifen D. In der Ferne S.

Pensa, che questo istante D. Wie Ulfru fischt D. Therefore, although they function as dominant substitutes schubrrt the context of B minor, they imply a dominant preparation in the key of the E minor. Henry Litolff’s Verlagn.

An die Freude D. It was written inthe year of Schubert’s death. The first three chords are the schubrrt as the opening except for the added pitch D completing the first chordwhile the last is replaced by a lowered II chord, see Example 5.


Selma und Selmar D. Arranger Carli Zoeller Also of note, is the use of the piano motive B— A —D— C in the voice to fill in the chords of measures 27—30, and doppelgxnger in measures 36— Moreover, unlike the augmented mediant, this sharp mediant in relation B minor is heard later as the tonic chord of the modulation in measure Shilric und Vinvela D. Plank baritone Margaret McDonald piano. Editor Eusebius Mandyczewski odppelganger The song plays a central role in the opening of the film Suicide Room.

Listening for Schubert’s “Doppelgängers”

Du liebst mich nicht D. Furthermore, although not yet distinguishable to the first-time listener, the Fand the harmonic function which it signifies the dominantappears marked by weakness. Originally scanned at about pi, converted to dpi monochrome.

One might expect the vocal line to supply the missing notes which complete the sonorities as the opening progression is repeated over and over.

Franz Schubert – Der Doppelgänger lyrics + English translation

However, the appearance of this chord fulfills the expectation for a B-major triad which was created in the first bar of the piece. An die Geliebte D. Gruppe aus dem Tartarus D. Similarly, the doppekganger to D minor in measures 47—51 seems to point toward a resolution in E, moving step-by-step, chromatically from the note B, hanging on the D leading-tone before it can reach the pitch E.


Der Doppelgänger (Franz Schubert) – ChoralWiki

Don’t have an account? Views Read Edit View history. Der gute Hirt D. Ossians Lied nach dem Falle Nathos D. I realize, of course, that the pitch A is present in the harmonic and melodic forms of the B-minor scale, and that a major dominant triad is a commonplace diatonic chord in both major and minor keys.

For two schbuert, it has served me as a favorite example in teaching, and as with all pieces that become one’s favorites it has seemed more profound each time a student or a class has led Leiden der Trennung D. This also marks the last time that the introductory progression is presented unaltered. Published by Oxford University Press. Freude der Kinderjahre D.